That HTC Leaked Smartphone Secondary Display Looks Familiar. Is that an LG or a Samsung?

For those not familiar yet what HTC is, it’s a Taiwanese consumer electronics company with its headquarters in the Xindian District of New Taipei City. It was founded in 1997 manufacturing mobile phones and tablets exclusively for the Taiwanese market. The company does its best not to be identified as “just another cheap Chinese phone brand” that come from mainland China, since it’s obvious that HTC doesn’t come from there.  Last year the HTC 10 earned itself a lot of love from the people who bought the smartphone, even if the number of consumers was somehow very limited in number. More recently there’s been the Bolt (a Sprint exclusive in the US) and the Google-branded, HTC-made Pixel, but it seems that HTC’s next major smartphone is due very soon.

htc-ocean-note-300x180 That HTC Leaked Smartphone Secondary Display Looks Familiar. Is that an LG or a Samsung?

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As noted by media outlets, the “leaked” images of a device codenamed “Ocean Blue” show off a phone with glass covering both the front and back with an aluminum frame sandwiched in the middle. (Some media outlets have noted that these so-called “leaks” may have been intentional, but then the marketing ploy is quite obvious). Noticeably gone is the unibody metal style that has been the hallmark of top-tier HTC smartphones in the past years.  Somewhat surprisingly, there’s a secondary display at the top right, just like on the LG V10 and V20. According to the photos, its functionality will include app shortcuts, the weather, and an always-on display mode with the date, time, and a battery indicator. That’s not exactly reinventing the wheel, so hopefully HTC has some other ideas that make the secondary display feel worthwhile and less like a hard-to-reach, recycled gimmick. At the rear is a rounded square-shaped camera, which feels very Samsung when combined with the glass, despite HTC having used this design previously on the M9. So really, carrying this phone around will mistake it for either an LG or Samsung phone.

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At the top portion is the SIM card try and a microphone and on the side is a textured power button and volume toggle. There’s a USB-C port at the bottom. Like the HTC Bolt before it, this next HTC device doesn’t feature a headphone jack. It will also come in at least four colors: black, dark blue, and two others that we are fairly confident will be white and rose gold since HTC is known for these colors. HTC on Tuesday began hyping an announcement scheduled for January 12 at 3:00 a.m. eastern time (ET). It’s funny that the HTC company tagline for this coming phone is “It is all about U” for the upcoming launching, so we might just be looking at the HTC U. Let’s hope there’s more to it than what’s on the surface.  Rumored specifications include a 6-inch QHD display, the brand new Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage.

Xiaomi: Considered as China’s “Apple,” Just Created a New Design that Will Revolutionize Smartphones for the Next Decade

Who says that only Apple and Google are quivering with happiness over the troubles of Samsung? You can’t be too smug and confident when a sudden new tech giant player gives you a serious run for your money. And when that player is Xiaomi, considered as the “Apple” of China, you can bet that Apple and Google gets their smug wiped from their face. Xiaomi is all set to introduce their new Mi Mix smartphone with its new and revolutionary design unseen yet in the tech gadget world. This new design is a borderless display. The Xiaomi Mi Mix was originally shown only as a concept idea phone, but since it garnered a huge market interest and positive praises for its new design, the Chinese tech giant decided to manufacture and market it to the public. Upon a very close scrutiny of the Mi Mix, one can see that the phone is not totally borderless. However, compared to even the top brands in the market today (cue in Apple and Google’s Pixel), the borderless concept has an aspect ratio display space of up to 91.3% or an almost all-screen display.

Xiaomi-Mi-Mix-300x200 Xiaomi: Considered as China’s “Apple,” Just Created a New Design that Will Revolutionize Smartphones for the Next Decade

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Compared also to other top brands, the Mi Mix is quite thin. The 6.4 inch display is complemented with a 2040×1080 pixel display. It is also framed by thin but very sturdy bezels that make the Xiaomi phone look sleek and elegant. Whether its thinness will pose a problem for users of the gadget who frequently travel is yet to be seen. Xiaomi has assured the public that in spite of the thinness, the smartphone has not compromised its sturdiness. Again this will be seen in the near future when the phone is accidentally dropped by users. In terms of functionality, the Xiaomi Mi Mix is the first gadget in the tech giant’s product lineup without any visible physical buttons. The proximity sensor and the earpiece are also strategically placed to incorporate the smooth and sleek look that the Mi Mix is aiming for. This is how the phone wants to be known. The rest of the smartphone’s body is made up of ceramic.

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Xiaomi Mi Mix runs on the Snapdragon 821. The main camera shoots at 16 megapixels, something that fans of cameras will love and give something for Google and Apple to pause at. However, the front of selfie camera shoots at only 5 megapixels, something of a disappointment, and brings to wonder why the company didn’t invest in a better front camera. The battery is powered with 4,400 mAh, which means it can run for a full day on a single charge. It will be priced at $515, though there is yet to be an announcement if the phone will be sold outside of China. The one drawback to this revolutionary new design is that it may be difficult for any protector to wrap around the phone lest it covers part of the screen. Also, holding the phone will take some adjustment in order to have a comfortable holding position and still see the whole screen view.

China’s Richest Son Buys His Dog iPhones Worth $9,584

For most people, the new iPhone 7 models are a luxury and the meager paychecks of a regular employee are not going to buy you the cool new iPhones that come in colors such as Jet Black and Matte Black. If you’re an Alaskan Malamute, however, who happens to have a very wealthy owner, you don’t get just one, but eight of these trendy smartphones.

Wang Sicong, son of Chinese billionaire, Wang Jianlin bought his dog, Coco, the lucky Alaskan Malamute owns not just one, but eight of the newly released iPhones (worth an estimated $9584). Yes, because a dog cannot have just one iPhone, it seems. The extravagant lifestyle and spending of the 28-year-old Wang can thank his father, Jianlin for his lavish lifestyle because he happens to be the chairman of real estate giant, Dalian Wanda Group, which is the largest commercial property in China.

Wang Sicong is the son of Wang Jianlin, Chinese real estate billionaire and recognized as the wealthiest man in China. Wang can thank his father for the privileges and hefty purchases because Jianlin is the chairman of real estate giant, Dalian Wanda Group and is the largest commercial property in China.

Wang’s father is worth an estimated $28.8 billion and is the world’s 20th richest billionaire. The estimated net worth of Jianlin is $28.8 billion (£22 billion) and is recognized as the first Chinese billionaire from the mainland who made it to the world’s top 20 richest people, according to Forbes.

Well, no wonder the guy can afford all those iPhones for his canine companion. The photo was posted with the caption which when translated to English said, “Not sure what people are showing off on social media about. There is nothing to show off. I was forced to take action.”

In the past, the affluent Wang Sicong has also published photos of the pampered canine, Coco, wearing Apple watches that are worth so much money (a reported $12,000), that it sparked anger and negative feedback from people online.


Wang is part of China’s fu’erdai or second-generation rich, commonly known as the sons and daughters of tycoons and are wildly popular for flaunting their overly extravagant lifestyles. Even an episode of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills cannot come close to this kind of luxurious spending, Wang loves the pooch so much, maybe he plans to facetime with Coco while he is away spending his money on other ventures.

Wang has the nickname of “the nation’s husband” because of his status as the most eligible bachelor in China, he is also quite notorious in the media for his outrageous spending and displays of wealth. Well, it is a matter of status symbol for these high rollers. Maybe he just wanted to make a big statement, or maybe he just bought all these iPhones for his dog because he can. Apple might as well sign on Coco, the richest canine in China as one of its top endorsers, along with his 8 iPhones, because that is just one lucky dog.


Photo by Jimmy Benson cc China's Richest Son Buys His Dog iPhones Worth $9,584

What You Need To Know About Samsung Note 7 Worldwide Recall

Possibly the biggest phone recall in history, Samsung has ceased the sales of approximately 2.5 million units of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission announced that they are working with Samsung regarding the complete recall of their Note 7 in the US. In their press release, they wrote, “Samsung continues to ensure that consumer safety remains our top priority. We are asking users to power down their Galaxy Note7s and exchange them now.” says Tim Baxter, president of Samsung Electronics America. “New Note7 replacement devices will be issued to exchange program participants upon completion of the CPSC process. In the interim, consumers can return their Note7 for another device.”

If you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, here are the things you need to know about this massive recall:

What’s a Samsung Note 7 and why did people buy it?

maxresdefault-5 What You Need To Know About Samsung Note 7 Worldwide Recall

Photo Credit: Samsung Mobile/Youtube

A Samsung Note 7 is an android phone which was announced by Samsung last August 2 in New York. A few weeks after its announcement, the phone started shipping on August 19.

The phone received good remarks by critics citing its sleekness and power as well unique features like the iris scanner. It sells for $850 and has a screen of 5.7 inches which is bigger compared to its main competitor, the Apple iPhone 6S plus.

Why is it being recalled?

Several people posted photos of their Samsung Note 7 that was burnt, broken, and generally fire damaged. The post-explosion photos were disturbing but more so the statement of one of the owners reported by CNN. The owner claims to have woken up to the smell of something burning. He further said, “I saw small flames on the phone where it was melted, it disappeared soon after.”

Issues regarding rechargeable batteries is not new. Earlier this year, more than 500,000 hover boards were recalled by the US government due to the batteries overheating and eventually catching on fire.

Even the FAA is concerned about this issue. Currently, airlines strongly advice not to use or charge any Note 7 on board. They also said that you cannot put the Note 7 in your checked in luggage but rather you can bring it on board but it has to be turned off.

What is Samsung saying about the issue?

Samsung issued a statement which was posted on their website. It says, “To date [as of September 1] there have been 35 cases that have been reported globally and we are currently conducting a thorough inspection with our suppliers to identify possible affected batteries in the market. However, because our customers’ safety is an absolute priority at Samsung, we have stopped sales of the Galaxy Note7.”

Since the South Korean company had already ceased the shipment of the Note 7. Even big retail store brands like Target, Amazon, and Best Buy has stopped selling the phone.

What should Samsung Note 7 owners do now?

Samsung has this to say to the owners, “For customers who already have Galaxy Note7 devices, we will voluntarily replace their current device with a new one over the coming weeks.”

They also added, “We acknowledge the inconvenience this may cause in the market but this is to ensure that Samsung continues to deliver the highest quality products to our customers. We are working closely with our partners to ensure the replacement experience is as convenient and efficient as possible.”

As of the moment, the recall instructions are not clear. It is best to go to the place of purchase and inquire about the replacement process.

How to Create a Mobile Optimized Blog (2016)

Mobile is changing the world. There is no question about it, today, everyone has smartphones that they use to help them not only communicate, message, research but also conduct almost every aspect of their business and manage their personal life.

Let’s look at the numbers, according to World Economic Forum:

Global mobile phone penetration is 96%. In sub-Saharan Africa, where 47% of the population lives on less than $1.25 a day, mobile data use is expected to grow twenty-fold by the end of 2019, according to a mobility study by Ericsson.

It is predicted there will be 930 million mobile subscriptions in sub-Saharan Africa by the end of 2019 – nearly one for every resident. In India, 28% of citizens use a mobile phone, with an average of 2.54 devices per user.

In many countries, including the third-world, the number of smartphones has surpassed the number of personal computers or other technologies of the world, making it imperative and urgent to have a mobile-friendly website if you are to have any impact or create even an ounce to have a strong online presence.

pablo-1-640x320 How to Create a Mobile Optimized Blog (2016)

Smartphones in Africa

If you haven’t made your website mobile-friendly, you should. The majority of users coming to your site are likely to be using a mobile device. And if you don’t know if your site is mobile-friendly, you can check the google webmaster tools to conduct a mobile-friendly test.

It took a while, but mobile traffic has finally surpassed desktop traffic, with mobile representing 65% of digital media time. A mobile optimized blog is not a good to have anymore, its a necessity if you want traffic and sales. For website and blog owners, it is such a big deal, that in 2015, Google decided to include mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor, and many sites lost ranking because they didn’t have a mobile-friendly website.

mobile%20friendly%20pic How to Create a Mobile Optimized Blog (2016)

Google Favors Mobile Friendly Sites

In fact, the average non-mobile website dropped 27 spots. So, quite simply, if you’re looking to build a optimized blog for personal or business reasons, it’s important you consider your mobile audience to build your brand and be considered as a top blog in your industry.

Option 1: Choose a Responsive Theme

Perhaps the easiest way to address the mobile optimized (or more commonly known as mobile-friendly) issue is to install a responsive theme on your WordPress blog. These themes are automatically coded to adjust the screen elements based on the screen size of the device used to view the website. While it will look different from a desktop to a smartphone to a tablet, it instantly creates a more user-friendly experience regardless.

In the early days of responsive design, options were limited. Now, because everyone needs to consider this in their website design, you can find a variety of themes and web templates built with this in mind, to suit any niche.

Option 2: Install a Mobile Plugin

If you’re not keen on the idea of completely re-working your blog to match a new theme, there’s always the option to install a mobile plugin on your website, to create a mobile optimized version of your website for you. While not as ideal as the responsive theme choice, it works in a pinch. If you’re using WordPress, some choices include:

  • AdMob: Create a mobile-friendly blog with a few clicks, and monetize your blog with AdMob at the same time.
  • WPTouch: This is a quick and simple way to create a mobile version of your site in less than five minutes.
  • WordPress Mobile Pack: Though not designed to create a mobile-friendly version of your website, this one is still a cool option because it allows you to turn your website into an app.

While these are great options, it’s important consider that plugins need to be updated on a regular basis, and depending on what else you have going on on your website, there may be conflicts. It’s possible your site won’t display as well as it could, which could create issues with the user experience.

If you’re using another blog platform than wordpress, you may have to dig a little deeper to find the most optimum solution.

Testing Your Site for Mobile Compatibility

After you’ve either installed your responsive theme or your mobile plugin, you’ll want to test it to make sure it works well, so you know what your users are seeing. Visit your website on your smartphone and tablet (if you have one) to see what it looks like. If you don’t have a tablet, ask a friend to do it for you.

Then, head over to the Mobile-Friendly Test tool to see how Google sees your URL. Enter your homepage URL, and within a few minutes, you’ll know whether Google thinks you have a mobile-friendly website. You can read Google’s official advice on how to get your mobile site in order

pablo-2-640x320 How to Create a Mobile Optimized Blog (2016)

Mobile Optimization Tips

Here Are Some Key Optimization Tips:

  • Streamline: Keep your posts easy to skim, using bolded headings if you must write a long blog post. Skip Java and Flash, as these smartphones don’t universally support these technologies. Keep file sizes small, and the number of pages limited.
  • Page Speed: Due to hardware and connectivity issues, your website and blog’s page speed has become even more important for mobile users. Not only do you have to optimize all images, you’ll have to go much beyond that. You’ll want to minify CSS, organize your code, leverage browser caching, and reduce redirects. There’s a lot you can do just on this optimization, but here’s SEO Best Practices for Page Speed.
  • Consider Instagram: You must include photos to draw in the audience, but there’s always a risk that the photos won’t load correctly on mobile. You can bypass that by using Instagram widgets to handle your photo needs, since it’s already been optimized for mobile use, turning to your advantage.
  • Security: This is perhaps the most important and urgent issue. Security Hackers are always looking for something vulnerable to exploit. Therefore, keep everything, including all plugins and WordPress up to date to avoid leaving security holes for hackers to sneak in with. Don’t use the username admin, and if you are, change it right away. Change your password on a regular basis. Check with advertisers to make sure their security is up to snuff before you include their ads on your website.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Follow all other SEO guidelines on your website, so it’s friendly the search engines regardless of where users are coming from. This means paying attention to keywords, alt tags, file sizes, and more. Remember that you’re working with a very small screen space for a user to conduct searches using a mobile device. Therefore, to ensure your most quality and relevant content shows up and portrays your best work in SERPS, be as direct and concise as possible when creating titles, URLs, and meta descriptions to improve your SEO.

Being optimized for mobile is necessary in today’s Internet usage climate. Gone are the days where you have to consider building a completely separate version of your site at There’s no excuse for your blog not to be optimized for mobile, so what are you waiting for?

Have you focused on ensuring your website/blog is mobile optimized? What are some key tricks and tips you have implemented that others may not be aware of? Would love to hear your thoughts on what we may have missed, please share what else we should include here. Thanks