Wannabe Photographers Using a Smartphone Have a Chance of having their Photos...

Wannabe Photographers Using a Smartphone Have a Chance of having their Photos be on the Front Page

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Using smartphone cameras has become a trend for wannabe photographers but what about those who are already good at it and already have a name? Do you think they also used their smartphones to get good pictures? Just recently, magazines like Billboard, Condé Nast Traveler and Bon Appétit  put up covers that used pictures taken through iPhone and the results are amazing. Using smartphone photography was quite a risk for this Condé Nast owned food magazine. However, they still pushed through with it since the photos from last year’s Culture issue were shot using iPhones except for the cover. Creative Director Alex Grossman stated that it is just right to use a photo taken by a smartphone particularly an iPhone on the cover with the May travel issue since it would stretch the connection between photography and travel.

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In the Tlacolula Market of Oaxaca, Mexico, they used iPhone 7 Plus for their front page. It showed a link wherein cartels, people and food were showcased through a photograph of a woman holding a strawberry Paleta. Taking photographs using a smartphone is quite common since a lot of people do it all the time but not normally in photo shoots and magazine covers. In an interview, iPhone 7 works does well in capturing people and places due to its amazing technical capabilities. Photos taken using an iPhone can surprisingly be used as front covers of magazines due to the high-quality results. Photographers like; Peden + Munk also known as the husband-and-wife team of Taylor Peden and Jen Munkvold shot the front page cover and just like Grossman, Peden were impressed with the iPhone since it is lightweight and can produce good pictures.

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It feels good not having to use huge lenses and not bringing heavy cameras for a shoot.  This made it possible for them to work with just a small group and it reminded them of the days they were just starting up. They said that they did not experience the feeling of having a big magazine cover because it does not need a lot of people to participate in the shoot. There was no need for plenty of assistants, no light reflectors, just an iPhone. It is just so natural.  Peden and Munkvold made several trips to Oaxaca earlier this year. Munkvold went to look for locations on the first visit and thought about making a board of photos to present to Grossma and then those photos were all to be taken using an iPhone.

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Rumors have it that Grossman said that an iPhone might just become one of the gadgets in Bon Appétit’s toolbox. I am sure that you would think that it is not a right decision making an iPhone part of Bon Appétit’s toolbox but compared to a $25,000 DSLR, you cannot spot any difference using an iPhone.  “We always have to be pushing and evolving our aesthetic anyway,” Grossman said. “It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a phone or an illustration or cool type design; we’re always finding new ways, whatever they may be, to push our aesthetic.” Munkvold added that while some professional photographers might be threatened with the way the iPhone acts like a great camera for everybody, “We perceive it more as: Something that will uplift the game is longed-for.”


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