Cabana by Tumblr: An Exciting New App that Lets Groups Watch Videos...

Cabana by Tumblr: An Exciting New App that Lets Groups Watch Videos Together

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Cabana is a new app that was launched by Tumblr today. This new application allows group of friends to watch videos together through video chat. The founder and CEO of Tumblr David Karp met the Director of the Product Management, Jason Lee at the Polyvore Labs during this year’s Yahoo leadership off site while demonstrating to a strategic parade. The app will carry the Tumblr brand and will be available to users who regularly use Tumblr’s blogging service. These are teens and young adults in particular. Polyvore Labs is a company that has acquired both Tumblr and one popular fashion site.

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The Labs group includes engineers, designers and product managers from the Polyvore team. It has developed other products in the social and lifestyle space but none have ever made it to the public launch until Cabana came. David Karp explained that while he was watching the Cabana demo it amazed him since it was an all-new human-internet connection experience. He said that when people find something incredible on the internet, whether it is a viral video or some weird stuff that people find interesting, it would immediately result to people sharing them with their friends on social media sites.

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The same thing happened to Tumblr, it provides awesome content shared by users which then end up being shared to the Tumblr community. On the other hand, the only difference between the two applications is that Tumblr is basically sharing an interest in a network of strangers while Cabana was created for a group of friends who actually know each other. This group of friends can then share their interests with each other especially the videos they find interesting.  When using Cabana, users can create a room where they can add up to six friends and this is where they will be able to share videos from YouTube and then watch them together.

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Users can only join one room at a time so they would have to leave and rejoin another room created by a different group of friends. They can just simply add friends by using their username or they can just look up their friends through their phones. Users also have the option to make their created rooms either public or private. Once a user is already in a particular room, he or she can find an option whether to lock the room, flip the camera around, mute the mic or add his or her friends. Users can also search for videos and share or swap them with their friends.  The application was developed in just two months and was created to offer a whole new experience to those who love Tumblr. It’s great to know that one of the most-loved social media sites and application is stepping up its game to keep users always interested in it. Hopefully, more developments will happen to the site soon so stay tuned!



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