How to Block Calls Using Your iPhone

How to Block Calls Using Your iPhone

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For some reason, there are times when you don’t want to talk to someone and seeing that person’s name on your phone screen doesn’t make you happy. The caller could be your ex-love, a telemarketer or companies that want to offer you a deal. I have good news for you, Apple has a new mobile operating system called the “iBlacklist” app hand this is a one method users can use to block unwanted callers.

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Whether you are blocking the person temporarily or permanently, it is all up to you. Here is the how-to-guide on how to block calls on your Apple iPhone regardless what OS version you’re using on your phone. You cannot block unlisted numbers and other numbers with the use of another method.  Finally, Apple has developed a feature that has built-in blocking capabilities.

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It allows users to block calls, text messages, Facetime requests, and any other third party applications.  It’s a welcome and expedient addition plus it is easy to get to through both your iPhone’s settings menu and contact list. It is only available on iPhone 4 for now but will soon be on iPad 2, iPad Mini and other Apple products as well.

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Once the setup has been completed, all blocked calls will automatically be sent to your voicemail. Note that when this happens, you will not be notified if you receive a call, a text message or a request from a particular person. But on the sender’s hand, it will appear as a sent message or a failed call. Normally, these are the steps to follow if you are not using iBlacklist:

1.) Go to the Main Settings.

2.) Click on the “Calls” section.

3.) Then go to the Blocking section.

4.) Add the number you want to block. It may be different with other versions of iPhone but it is just easy to navigate.

Fortunately, the iBlacklist app does an extraordinary job of blocking both calls and texts from specific people or unknown numbers. It is not a hard or tedious process, but it is an effective way to block unwanted communication. Try the iBlacklist instruction manual at the top of the application’s website for a thorough run through of the software and all of its features.

Now and then, built-in settings and carrier-level blocking do not offer the features that you desire. This is where third-party apps come in. A lot of services spot spam databases and location-based blocking and are far more flexible than any of iOS’s options. The iPhone is supposed to facilitate methods that can prevent out-of-state supporters from asking for your social security number and stop them from calling you again.

Here are some of the methods that you can avail to block calls on iPhone:

1.) Hiya – You can get this for free.

2.) Call Bliss – It costs $10.

3.) True Caller – If you will opt for the basic version you can get it for free.

4.) Trap Call – You can get this at $4 – $20 per month.

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