10 Things about Technology that You Need to Know Today

10 Things about Technology that You Need to Know Today

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Here are some things that you need to know about new technology today:

1.) Snapchat is rolling out two new tools to strengthen its ad offerings. It is stepping up its attack on other major pillars of Facebook’s business advertisers.

2.) A new self-driving car startup just spun out of Udacity called Voyage. Voyage will center its attention on creating a fleet of self-driving taxis using retro-fitted mass-production automobiles to a certain extent than building and selling its own autonomous cars.

udacity 10 Things about Technology that You Need to Know Today
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 3.) Apple and Amazon are hiring several MBAs. Elite MBA talents are being seriously recruited by tech firms at a small number of target schools like the Northwestern Kellogg School of Business and MIT’s Sloan School of Management, according to new analysis from Poets and Quants which is a news website that covers business schools.

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 4.) Facebook built an internal database of “revenge porn” pictures to put a stop to repeat sharing. The sharing of sexually unambiguous images on the internet without the consent of the people depicted in the pictures in excessively affects women who are sometimes targeted by former partners.

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5.) The German cabinet permitted plans to fine social networks up to €50 million ($53 million) if they do not take away unbearable postings quickly. The issue has taken on more necessity as German politicians worry that a propagation of counterfeit news and racist content, particularly about 1 million migrants who have arrived in the last two years could sway public opinion in the run-up to the national election in September.

 6.) UBS analysts predicted that the next iPhone won’t cost $1,000 as some have predicted. The iPhone is due a major upgrade and some are speculating that the next handset will boast unbelievably commanding features like augmented reality which has never been seen in smart phones before.

 7.) Google’s former self-driving car boss “Chris Urmson” has raised a small amount of funding for his new startup. Urmson’s new self-driving car startup Aurora has raised $3.1 million, according to a filing with the SEC. The documents don’t say who provided the funding, but Allen & Company likely led the round since one of its directors is now a member of Aurora’s board.

 8.) Amazon is using a “simulated dog” to test its delivery drones, according to IBTimes. Little is known about the simulated dog that Amazon is using and Amazon did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s request for a comment. It’s also not clear if Amazon created the dog itself or whether it was from a supplier. The exact number of simulated dogs that Amazon has in its possession is also unknown.

 9.) Emirates announced that it will offer complimentary Microsoft Surface tablets for use on board non-stop flights to the US. Unfortunately not for economy class passengers, the loaner tablets will only be available for those traveling in first and business class.

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 10.) Twitter has launched a faster version of its mobile service. The launch comes on the heels of similar products from other US tech firms. Facebook released Facebook Lite in 2015 and on Tuesday, Alphabet-owned YouTube unveiling a low-data mobile app designed for India.


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