New Trailers for New Movies and TV Shows for 2017

You don’t need much said when you see the following trailers and you know that 2017 will be the year of more good movies and TV shows coming up.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

To say that episode VIII is one of the top most anticipated films for this year may not even be enough. The film will be released on December 15. Like past Star Wars trailers, it shows a lot but reveals almost nothing, which amps the level of anticipation.

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You’ll definitely see Rey training with Luke, more space and fighter battles, and Kylo Ren looking his usual evil self and really pissed off at something. And of course you’ll still see Finn, Poe, BB-8, and others familiar from episode VII. But the last line in the trailer is probably the most mysterious of all: “It’s time for the Jedi to end.”


Arriving on May 5, Netflix is bringing back Sense8 after a long break, in the tradition of its past hits like 13 Reasons Why, Stranger Things, and The OA.

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This is the Wachowski brother’s eclectic and mysterious series about 8 interconnected people and the secretive forces hunting them down. But this is season 2 so it promises to bring more odd action, dark conspiracy, and horrific affirmation.

Thor: Ragnarok

Coming out on November 3, the trailer for the new Thor movie seems to be saying that, for once, watching Thor can be fun, compared to the past Thor movies that were very, very serious. Thor has always been the odd one out in the Marvel film universe, bordering on interesting but falling short of the charm and charisma of Tony Stark or Captain America.

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The Hitman’s Bodyguard

The action on this movie looks horrendous but seemingly bordering on dumb and ridiculous. But what do you expect when you team up Ryan Reynolds with an almost Deadpool-like character and humor with Samuel L. Jackson, whose character is supposed to be the most sought after hitman in the globe, but Reynold’s is assigned to be his bodyguard. If you can imagine a hitman needing a bodyguard, then let the humor begin, and the trailer does bring a chuckle when it keeps playing that Whitney Houston song from the film The Bodyguard. This duo is coming out on August 18.


This is Kathryn Bigelow’s next project after her success with Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty. It stars John Boyega (Finn from episode VII) and is based on the true events of the 1967 Detroit riots and the systemic racism that led up to it. This film looks to be a sure hit this year since the trailer alone shows a lot of dark and frenetic action and conversation. It’s scheduled to come out on August 4, though to be really honest, maybe we need to stop churning out movies about the conflict between races in America because, frankly, it seems that it’s getting overdone already. Just count since 2015 how many race-related films have come out and it becomes tiresome and tedious.

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