Nokia’s Android Phones 2017: Rumors and New Leaks

Remember Nokia? The Finnish company once dominated the mobile phone industry and it was for a long time. But after a roller coaster ride of successes and failures, the company is now going for a comeback.  Nokia is definitely back. Nokia launched its first Android based smartphone, the Nokia 6. But we know were just seeing the top of the iceberg, we’re expecting a lot more of action in the upcoming months. Though the actual-physical hardware units won’t be made by Nokia – they will still follow the company’s blueprints and design and retain the brand, Nokia. HMD Global is the company that bagged the contract to manufacture the Nokia 6 units exclusively.

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Everyone had the impression that there would be 4 new phones in 2017 but rumors suggest that there could be as many as six or seven flagship models for 2017! These rumors came from Malaysian distributor Avaxx that said Nokia will aim to launch phones based on different price ranges.  Here’s what we know about Nokia’s new phones so far. Here’s a rough sketch of the device that will be known as “Nokia 9” by Trusted Reviews. This may probably give us first dibs at Nokia’s upcoming flagship. Although it is important to note that this is a rumor and rumors such as this can’t be verified at this point, though this doesn’t stop our excitement.

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The sketch and design of the unit seems to follow the appearance of LG’s newly launched phone, the G6. The edge-to-edge display, 18:9 aspect ratio and slightly rounded corners are the features that are similar to LG’s G6.  Behind the unit, there are series of vertical cutouts- that could possibly be dual-cameras and a flash, and most likely a fingerprint sensor for additional security.  Coming from the same source of this leak, another report says that it is actually the Nokia 9 and not the Nokia 8 will be, in fact, HMD’s flagship unit for 2017. It was initially believed that it was the Nokia 8 to carry the brand’s kickoff unit.

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The confusion actually came about because the Nokia 8 was touted as the range-topping device, but with the Nokia 9 rumors out, it looks like the Nokia 8 will be positioned in the lower segment of the market or maybe a step under the rumored Nokia 9.  According to the same source, the Nokia 9 will be powered by a fast beast, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 853 processor.

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Take crisp and high-detail photos with a 22-megapixel main camera plus a 12-megapixel front camera for selfies. The Nokia phone also comes with a powerful 6GB RAM and either 65GB or 128GB of storage.  The most interesting rumor is that the Nokia 9 will offer an Iris Scanner, similar to the security feature of Samsung’s newest baby, the new Galaxy S8. How’s that for security? Just by hearing all these rumors, we can’t wait for this Nokia phone to come out on the market and find out what users think about it.



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