The Halo Sport Headphones will Supercharge your Brain and Make You a...

The Halo Sport Headphones will Supercharge your Brain and Make You a Better Player

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Halo Neuroscience recently launched its new brain-training Halo Sport headphones to the mass consumer market for the price of “just” $749. Anyone wearing these headphones will get their neurons zapped to improve their athleticism. These over-the-ear headphones are supposed to deliver tiny electrical impulses directly to the motor cortex, the area of your brain that controls body movement, and putting those brain cells in a state of hyperplasticity. This means that your brain will be temporarily more receptive to learning physical movement. Of course this all sounds like science fiction, but the technology of the headphone’s concept is actually backed by real research and real-world trials.

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Halo Neuroscience cites multiple studies and research with trials asserting that groups training while using the Halo Sport showed measurable improvement in precision of movements, reaction times, and strength compared to control groups that trained without the headphones. The headphones are built from a combination of flexible metal and plastic that feels heavy duty and yet lightweight. They are pre-installed with a 3.5 inch open leatherette ear cups that provide a soft cushion while still allowing sound to pass through if you need to pay attention to your environment while running or biking. You can also receive a pair of closed ear cups that you can swap in for better sound isolation. The headphones charge through a MicroUSB and should last around eight 20-minute neuro priming sessions before needing to be charged.

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You can also listen to music on the headphones as well, though they’re not really built for that. You can plug them into any audio device using the flat audio cable with in-line microphone. You can’t listen to music wirelessly since the built-in Bluetooth connection is used exclusively for pairing the neuroprimers to the Halo Sport app on your gadget or smartphone. As headphones, the audio quality is fair, given its high price. The sound is clear and the treble is good, but mid-ranges are somewhat subdued and the bass isn’t that strong. But then, the headphones weren’t really made for music, but to stimulate your brain.

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That aside, the real reason you need to purchase Halo Sport is for the brain stimulating ability, and you don’t need to listen to music for that. The Halo Sport app that controls the headphones is simple and easy to use. It guides you through the installation of the neuroprimers and lets you know when you have proper skin contact to deliver those brain-zapping electrical impulses. If the app shows poor contact with the primers, you can adjust the headband until the nibs are touching your scalp. During the 20-minute neuro priming sessions, the electric pulses from the primers feel prickly right where they touch the skin. Depending on the amplitude you choose, it can feel very mild or sting a bit. It’s not painful, but it does take some getting used to.

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