People are Still Playing These Old PC Games

People are Still Playing These Old PC Games

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Brand new PC games are being released almost every week and many are already gaining their share of popularity. And knowing gamers, they are often quick to snap up the latest titles, eager to play or at least test out what the best from the industry has to offer.

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However, and not surprisingly, a small number of classic games have stood the test of time and a small but loyal community of players continues to play these old games. These games, by today’s standards, have outdated graphics, gameplay mechanics, and are even in danger of not running on newer operating systems.

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When players of these old games were quizzed what keeps them to these old games, the common answer is that these games keeps them “intelligently busy” because they need to continually strategize.

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Age of Empires 2

Released in 1999, this game was one of the huge successes for Microsoft. The game sold more than 2 million copies in just a few months that topped the charts all over the world. By today’s standards, the graphics look washed out and the core gameplay is very simplistic that moves at a more plodding pace compared to today’s faster strategy games. But a quick search on Facebook reveals many active Age of Empire 2 groups with thousands of members from all over the world. The game is actually still selling on Steam even after 17 years.

Ultima Online

That’s right, this 19-year old simplistic game still has its fans. The gameplay in Ultima Online is an online multiplayer game that has stood the test of time and has remained true to the original Ultima lore, with basic RPG elements being refined over the years but remaining almost the same, unlike other games that are completely overhauled. Its base of players number somewhere around 0.25 million.

Starcraft I

The original was released back in 1998, and surprisingly, many who have tried the newer Starcraft II didn’t like it and reverted back to the older game. To be fair, the newer game was a huge commercial success and sold millions and has a following in the millions. However, tens of thousands still remain loyal and play the original Starcraft, and once again by modern standards the old game looks pixelated and not-that-impressive. Many say that its strategies and tactics and storyline is far superior to the new game.

Command and Conquer Generals and Zero Hour

The original Generals game and the expansion Zero Hour were released in 2003. Many still attest that the storyline, strategies, tactics, and playing style of both games is like nothing compared to even the newer strategy games. Once again, graphics wise and gameplay wise, all look so simplistic, and yet still commands a following in the millions all over the world. Competitions are still held on the national level in many parts of the world, and a quick search on Facebook will find numerous C&C groups still playing and discussing about the game.

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