P2i, Manufacturer of Gas-based Coat for Handsets is Gearing up for an...

P2i, Manufacturer of Gas-based Coat for Handsets is Gearing up for an IPX7 Standard for 2018 Launch

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As technology has taken over our lives, our personal gadgets are like a matter of life and death. Although it comes with full functionality, our attachment to these things is simply excessive. Ask anyone today, even a child, has a cellular phone. Mobile phones have evolved tremendously over the years. It has become smaller, thinner, lighter, and more functional. As these have evolved in design, its vulnerability to damage has also heightened. A single slip from your hands can damage the delicate body and can shatter to pieces the smooth screen. Repair is doable but the trauma remains forever.

p2-640x352 P2i, Manufacturer of Gas-based Coat for Handsets is Gearing up for an IPX7 Standard for 2018 Launch
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Thankfully, mobile manufacturers are not turning a deaf ear on this matter. They heard the sentiments and have taken the shot at addressing that concern. Alas, shockproof handsets are born. As they become elusive of falls, bumps and bruises, another concern surfaced. These handsets are shockproof but they are still vulnerable to water. Water is the biggest threat to any electronic device as this kills the main system thereby rendering the device not viable. Water damage is the second biggest cause of smart phone failure today. Worldwide, nearly 900,000 smart phones get damaged by liquids every single day at an annual cost of more than $96.7 billion, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC).

p3-640x368 P2i, Manufacturer of Gas-based Coat for Handsets is Gearing up for an IPX7 Standard for 2018 Launch
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IDC is a premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications and consumer technology markets. Research has been poured out to address this concern. In a study by IDC, there are three top purchase drivers for smart phone acquisition namely: battery life (77%), quality/durability (77%), and ease of use (71%). Having all these in mind, quality and durability of the product is a big precursor for the purchase. In the recent Mobile World Congress, CEO of P2i Andres Moores said, “We think every phone should be water resistant.” P2i is a company that manufactures a specialized coating to repel liquid. This can withstand spills, showers and humidity but has not gone full with total immersion.

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The company started with production of uniforms for the military in 2004. In 2010, they made a breakthrough with hearing aids and paved the way for collaboration with Motorola. That is their entry point in the mobile arena. Not until 2013 that a company boasted of a high degree in water resistance; Sony, The first ever brand that carried the flagship when they introduced to the public the Xperia Z. It scored an IPX7 rating, which means that it can withstand depths of up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. This was followed by Samsung S4 active. Last year, iPhone 7 scored IPX7 while Samsung Galaxy S7 scored higher with IPX8. As these qualities are ideal for any user, it also came with a price.

“They have to put a milled aluminum frame, glue different openings, and engineer those devices very carefully,” explains Moores. “We estimate the manufacturing cost of a mechanically sealed IPX7 solution is somewhere between $8 and $15 per phone.” The technology today is based on sealing the unit; with P2i, they use gas-based technology thereby marking the price down without costing the quality. The difference in using a coating against sealing a case is its temperature. Repairs and replacement of parts is also an advantage. The company is now working on an IPX7 coating and expected to launch in 2018.

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