Google is Making a Re-entry to China by Offering the Google Scholar...

Google is Making a Re-entry to China by Offering the Google Scholar to Boost Their Academics

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China has been a portal for many products as they are good at manufacturing and distribution. Over the web, a strong conflict arose with China versus Google as controversies circulated. A security certificate is a digital document used to prove that a website’s domain name does in fact belong to that company that claims to own it. Google had issues regarding security of websites in China that’s why they shut it down to prevent further penetration. China is a populated country. China has 721 million users and the number is still growing. Alphabet, Google’s mother company, has been in touch with China since 2015.

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They expressed that the company just wants to “serve the whole of China”. Not being able to extend service to that much of a population is a big loss for a giant company as Google. Just recently, Google mentioned the possible launch of Google Scholar in China. This may be the company’s first step in regaining ties with the country. A standing committee member of the National People’s Congress and former head of the General Administration of Press and Publication, Liu Binje, stated, “China has been in touch with Google through various channels. Last year, leaders of our country’s important department had further communication with Google”.

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What Liu wanted to reiterate is that if the company wants to operate in their country, the company has to abide with Chinese law. But as what happened to their ties before, there was a mischief to their global operating rules that placed the platform in a difficult spot. There are talks about allowing Google access for ease in academic papers and research. This was prompted on the country’s desire to boost their universities, and Google indeed has a lot to offer. Google Scholar will be a search engine for scholarly literature and was among the services on Beijing’s priority list for re-entry. Aside from advancing their academic sector, China is also looking forward to address political movements since Google has generated a lot of populist headlines since trump’s victory.

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The Google Scholar is just a first step; the company is hoping that the other services of Google will follow. Although the rumor circulated for how many years now, it has been refreshing to know that Play Store has slowly reopened a limited return for the Chinese market. If this project pushes through, Google will be making a shoot up with its revenue. Last month, US-based technology news outlet The Information reported that Google was in talks NetEase, China’s second-biggest online games operator, to form a venture to launch its Google Play application store in the country. The Chinese market is very responsive in terms of technology advancements and Google is a company everyone will be willingly to accept. Google is still hopeful to regain the trust of the Chinese market. The company can greatly contribute to the Chinese community as to gathering resources for their perusal. The added market will be able to help diversify the company for a more centralized information system.

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