Control and Manage the Screen Time of Your Kids with Circle with...

Control and Manage the Screen Time of Your Kids with Circle with Disney

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Circle with Disney, is a box like device that can help parents be able to control their home’s internet rules and restrictions. It is considered to work with one network only and can be able to control all the website requests from all the devices in the home. From there each user’s settings kick in. If a request is allowed, all the web traffic goes directly from the home Wi-Fi to the gadget.

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By offering a licensed selection of Disney content – like games, videos, trailers and more – to make its service more appealing. Today, it’s taking a step at becoming a more expansive “smart family” platform, through a series of integrations that let Circle work with services that reward kids for chores or meeting activity goals, those that limit distracted driving, those that filter social media, and more.

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Controlling the screen time of your kids in using their tablets is not easy. Every single kid is not the same, so why should not their associated know-how reveal that? With Circle you can set time Limits for applications, games and social web sites and can finally get screen time in check. You can also set up age suitable mesh that applies to all their gadgets. And you can even offer rewards to your kid when they have been good and has followed the rules or even so accomplishing a chore.  Give your kid a pause from their gadgets. Let the kids get to bed on time or let them go outside to play is instead of playing with their gadgets. Circle with Disney lets you set a time to go to sleep during weekdays and free time during week days.

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Know what your kid is up to or watching with every gadget in your home. Your mobile phones, laptops, tablets, personal computer and even your TV set. With Circle, you can control them all and know what your kids are up to. There have also been plenty of improvements over the last two years, says Memory. The app has been overhauled, as has how the services categorize content. Even more important, though, is the Disney partnership, which gives Circle not just added visibility and a stash of age-appropriate videos, music, and more (an included app called MyCircle will deliver “a curated selection of Disney content”) but access to the family-focused technical minds at Disney Consumer Products and Disney Interactive. “They’ve been a great partner in terms of helping us think about the product,” says Memory, “but also honing the brand and leveraging their brand for all the goodness and trust that it brings.”

One exceptional feature of Circle is that your data is on the device which simply means that all your surfing history stays stored on your Circle and is not up in the cloud somewhere. Circle is proud to be in full compliance with COPPA standards. It’s your file so it is personal therefore it should belong to you. Circle uses ARP spoofing to monitor all usage on the home network, without the need for any special configuration.

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