These Paid iPhone Apps on Sale are Free to Download for a...

These Paid iPhone Apps on Sale are Free to Download for a Time

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Beginning Tuesday, some iPhone and iPad apps on sale are now free to download for a limited time. So be sure to dive in and download before all this free stuff comes to an end. There is no way to tell how long they will be free since no announcements from the developers have ever been made.

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Wi-Fi Widget

Normally $1.99, you save time and frustrations with the fastest way to see, test, and share your Wi-Fi without unlocking your iPhone. Even with your lock screen you get your name, status, and password in order to access your Wi-Fi. No more waiting around for a page to load and then seeing later that you’re on some random router.

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File New Collage and Edit Options

Normally $1.99, it is the power of a professional photo editing software on your iPhone. You don’t even have to be a professional designer or photographer to be able to use it. It’s probably the best photo editor you’ll find on the App Store. You get great crop options, photo adjustments, filters, options for adding text and artwork, over 440 crafted designs and illustrations, saving and sharing, and even adding your logo.

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You can have your notes and photos near at hand. Normally $1.99, Squarenotes allows you to easily manage your personal notes and photos. You can select pictures from library or use the camera to save photos into Squarenotes. It can set reminders in chosen notes to remember important matters, share your notes, and send by e-mail. You can even sync everything automatically between iPhone and iPad through the iCloud service.

Remote Control for your Mac Volume and Media Players

Normally $2.99, you can turn your iPhone or iPad into the ultimate remote control for your Mac. You can now use your iOS device as a trackpad and keyboard or launch any app from anywhere within your home. You can also use Remote Control to browse on your big screen TV, on AirPlay Mirroring, Apple TV, and your Mac located anywhere in your home. It can be used on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 8 or above.


Normally $1.99, it combines photos and videos with your music to create an amazing video slideshow with just a few taps. It’s just the thing for sharing family photos, showcasing your photography, while all your projects remain in the app for further editing. It automatically auto saves your project so you can continue at any time. You get to choose from a lot of stunning photo filters with real time previewing.

And, just for fun…

Elite Dangerous Galaxy Map

Normally $1.99, this game allows you to navigate the stars from your phone. This companion app displays the galaxy map from Elite Dangerous directly in your phone. You can view commodity information, find valuable trade routes, and bookmark your favorite star locations giving your more time to plan your trade routes and missions both in flight and while in dock at a star port.

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