Google Hangouts: Now Being Used as a Business Communication Tool

Google has expanded in more ways than we can ever imagine. The company seems to have touched base with every trending product, giving off its trademark in the mobile tech world. With every addition Google makes to expand their service to its consumers, they have to weigh in the competitors. Google Hangouts is a communication platform developed by Google which includes instant messaging, video chat, SMS and VOIP features. This was launched last 2013 and only a few knew of what Hangouts is capable of. Over time, Google has been floating as not to truly emphasize what the app is exactly for.

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Just recently, they finally decided: Google Hangouts is supposed to be a business communication tool to compliment its consumer apps. As developments grew, Hangouts is believed to stand at par with Microsoft-based app, Slack. Slack is a team communication tool that brings together all of your team communications in one place, instantly searchable and available wherever you go. For some android phones, Google Hangouts is one of the default apps present. With much integration on the platform, Google Hangouts now addresses a wider base for business clients. The app still supports Chat but has a bigger improvement by adding in chat rooms.

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The core feature of Hangout Chat is the app’s integration of Google Docs and Google Sheets. This is the strength of the app against other developers as they are directly integrated with Google. Google is also launching with some extensibility options: users will be able to create “app scripts” to have bots do work inside the chat, and it will allow third-party companies to create apps that integrate with Hangouts Chat.  When you set an appointment in the chat room and the details are set, you can allow access to your calendar so that it can automatically schedule it on your calendar. As this is just starting its development, we can’t tell the advancement of its features like what Slack has earned over the years.

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Hangouts can also hold virtual meetings over the web called “Hangouts meet”. Google assured that the feature can run on basic setup computers, thereby lightweight, allowing 30 participants per conference. With the integration of screen sharing, although participants are not on the same room, everybody can have a view alike so that no one gets left behind. The identity crisis has finally come to an end as Google has finally found a match for it: corporate collaboration.

As for now, Hangouts is available for Google Cloud or G suite product subscribers as of now. Anyone can download the app actually from the App Store or Play store, their “Premium” account however offers limited functions. We’re hoping though, in the future, they can extend their service to all. This is a solid leap for Google; an avenue where they can fully offer the potentials of their products and services. The connection of each and every application vital to promote the business is well-planned making things easier for the user to collaborate with others. We’re positive this will be a hit!

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