The Latest Version of Google Chrome Web Browser Carries Some Clever Battery...

The Latest Version of Google Chrome Web Browser Carries Some Clever Battery Saving Features

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Google Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world, easily surpassing its competitors such as Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. However, in spite of its merits and user-friendly features, the web browser is well-known for being a bit of a fast battery drain on laptops, tablets, and even smart phones. But this could all change thanks to the latest version of Google Chrome that is designed to be less battery-intensive by powering down background tabs that can be using excessive power. Background tabs can account for around a third of Google Chrome’s power usage on any device.

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To keep these background tabs in check and dramatically reduce power impact on any device, the built-in solution included in Google Chrome version 57 will, however, not suspend tabs playing any audio or maintaining WebRTC connections and WebSockets. The new browser’s built-in system intelligently checks all tabs after 10 seconds in the background to determine whether they need to be powered down. The new Chrome 57’s new mechanism is so nifty it could lead to 25 percent fewer busy background tabs. According to Google Chrome software engineer, Alexander Timin, “Chrome will continue to take steps in this direction to prolong users’ battery life, while still enabling all the same experiences developers can build today.”

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Chrome 57 is available to download now. The news actually comes days after a malicious application that disguises itself to look like the Google Chrome web browser was discovered, as well as discovering new phishing e-mails well-disguised in some Gmail accounts. The fraudulent app attempts to trick users to willingly enter their payment card information. These details are then collected and e-mailed to an AOL e-mail address, which also turns out to be fake, acting merely as just a way station. The malicious app is called Betaling, a sly malware that appears in desktops or laptops with the standard Google Chrome icon and makes it almost indistinguishable from the real browser.

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When a victim loads the browser window of Betaling, they get a same-style URL navigation bar as Chrome, and even with the same HTTPS lock icon. The attention to detail is meant to trick victims into believing that they are using the real browser, and will trust the app with their payment card information. But thankfully, Betaling is still not a perfect Google Chrome clone and there are a few almost less obvious signs to be on the lookout for to confirm that you’re using a fake Chrome web browser. The malicious app will require for a minimum version of .NET Framework 4.0 or higher installed, something the real Google Chrome will never ask for. Betaling has a Windows 8-style Metro design, even if the user is running a computer on Windows 7 or anything lower. The fake browser’s windows cannot be resized and only the close button actually working. It cannot be minimized nor make it full screen.

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