Sally: The Robot Salad Maker that Keeps People Healthy has Raised $5...

Sally: The Robot Salad Maker that Keeps People Healthy has Raised $5 Million

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Chowbotics Inc. is the one that created Sally – is salad robot that has the capacity to make custom salads that are chef inspired. Sally is designed to prepare food in different restaurants, hotels, malls, cafeterias, airports including hospitals. Chowbotics, a San Jose-based startup that seeks to bring robotics to the food industry. Sally has the ability to prepare and serve 1,000 salads in different varieties using different containers is useful for a restaurant or other commercial food chains. Techstars Ventures, Foundry Group, Galvanize Ventures and the Geekdom Fund. “The use of robotics in food service is an exciting new area. We believe Chowbotics is the number one company in this emerging space and are thrilled to invest in its growth,” Jason Mendelson of The Foundry Group said in a release. Chowbotics went through Techstars’ incubator in Austin, Texas. These investors raised $5 Million in a Series.

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Deepak Sekar the CEO and Founder of Chowbotics said that they are ready to bring the robot into commercial spaces this spring. Asked whether a version of Sally for home use is in the works, Sekar said not now — and likely not for another five or more years. The CEO explained: You can accurately measure how many calories your customized salad has that are made by Sally. You have the option to choose any Chowbotic available recipes or you can customize it yourself. On the screen you will see the calorie content of the salad you have chosen but if you think that it has high calorie content then you still have the option to change the ingredients that you put in before finalizing your order. This is a way to attract people to be a health conscious citizen.

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While Sally can be used in the kitchen at a restaurant where servers might then walk salads out to customers, the company is also making a version of the device that can operate like an automat, with a touchscreen for ordering up a salad and a credit card reader. Sally should serve well in airports, gyms, hospitals and other venues that operate around the clock and want to offer healthy food at any time.

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Chowbotics’ newly raised capital will go toward hiring, manufacturing and to develop new robots that can prep a range of other foods. Sekar said that the name of the new robot would be Casabots and will be responsible in preparing breakfast food, burritos, tacos and certain other types of ethnic foods. The company is founded by Deepak Sekar, Ph.D., an inventor with more than 100 issued patents, to make food preparation fun by automating tedious, repetitive tasks with robotics. Rich Page, an Apple Fellow who joined Steve Jobs as a Co-Founder and VP at NeXT, serves as the Executive Chairman of Chowbotics. His team includes alumni from companies such as Rambus, Apple, TGI Friday’s, Denny’s, Arby’s, McDonald’s, FANUC Robotics and Disney; as well as universities such as MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Georgia Tech, Indian Institute of Technology and Tsinghua University.


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