Pebby is the BEST Smart Toy for Your Dogs

Pebby is the BEST Smart Toy for Your Dogs

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If we have Kuri, the adorable smart home robot then our pets also has Pebby. Pebby is a smart collar and ball system that keeps pets active and in good spirits, it lets you monitor and communicate with your pet even if you are not at home for days. This is a smartphone controlled ball that has a two way audio and a camera. Pebby was designed with two modes of play – the aforementioned remote-controlled mode and a mode that leverages a smart dog collar. Once the collar is attached, Pebby can be set up to automatically chase and repel away from pets for long-distance play.

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The job of Pebby is just simple – keep you and your pet together even when you’re not actually there. The remote control system lets you interact with Pebby using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It’s fisheye lens has a wide-angle that gives you an best view. “We created a holistic pet-care system that delivers complete peace of mind to pet owners,” said Hansen Goh, founder and CEO of Pebby, in a statement. “Pebby allows pet owners to engage with their pets remotely, capturing candid images and monitoring their health and wellness, while also being in control and having a product that keeps their pets entertained while home.”

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Here are some of features of Pebby :

  • Auto Play – Turn this on if you are away and let Pebby entertain your pet. Let pebby go crazy with your pets and make then active.
  • Bark and Nudge Alert – It alerts you when your pet is eager to play with Pebby. The two-way mic and audio system can let you send a message to your pup, or you can pre-record it anytime.
  • Shock suspension system – it has a polycarbonate casing that is replaceable and is play-proof, waterproof and shatterproof so it is safe if it gets wet, get kicked and if it bounces.
  • EASYfix – you can customize the magnetic caps of Pebby with different colors and patterns.
  • PebbyKennel – This is a self-docking wireless charger of Pebby. You can charge it anytime even if you are not at home just simply drive the ball near the charging dock and let the auto-align function lock it in!
  • The Pebby Collar – this collar tracks your pets doings all day, you can save tabs on your pet’s movement and activity levels, giving you peace of mind, even when you’re not home.
  • The Pebby App – you can download it for free from iTunes or GooglePlay or Play Store. This will allow you to control all the functions of Pebby through your smartphone. You can exactly call your pet and hear how they are doing. Not just that, you can also take pictures and record videos all at the same time.
  • Special Night Vision – even if it is already dark, Pebby can still manage to navigate its way because of its built-in powerful LED headlights.

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If you are a pet lover make sure to have Pebby around so you won’t have to worry about leaving your pets alone in the house.



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