The “Mirage” Ranch House Covered with Mirrors is a Tribute to Al...

The “Mirage” Ranch House Covered with Mirrors is a Tribute to Al Beadle

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Art is designated in ways unimaginable to the viewing masses. Art is an expression, as well as an outburst, or emotions. Artists differ in their ways and choice of mediums to recreate their imagination. These are mostly reflected on their personal belongings, to an extent, they apply it in recreating their homes. In sunny Palm Springs, California, renowned artist Doug Aitken exhibited his masterpiece to the heights of his home. Sitting on the edge of Chino cone overlooking Palm Springs, the vast area with marked lots seem to be overseen by the mirror house’s presence. Desert Palisades is the name of the upcoming subdivision the Mirage house erected. Doug Aitken is an American artist and filmmaker who experiments on various mediums, from film, installation, to architectural interventions. His latest exhibit was the “Mirage”.

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This latest project of Aitken utilized a house ranch where he embellished the exterior with reflective mirror. The house somewhat gave a kaleidoscopic view which makes it more oddly aesthetic. Although the materials used were common, the perception it delivers to its audience is mind-raveling. As some claim it to be a little bit disorienting, its deliverance of skewed images seals the deal. He explains, “The inspiration for this as a sculpture is the architecture you don’t remember. I was interested in what you had driven by thousands of times and you don’t even register its presence because it’s just so much a part of the pattern.” What he wanted to project is that, if someone sees it, he or she sees the reflection of his or her surroundings. He wanted the observer to be aware of what the landscape offers and the idea of creating a suburban in the area; not just a repetitive pattern.

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As homey a ranch house may project to a person longing for a home of his own, the structure did not have any furnishings inside to make it at all livable. The Mirage exhibit is open for public viewing until the 30th of October. Scheduled visits can start from 3:30 in the afternoon until sunset to catch the best view of the day, and the hours stretch until midnight it the event of a full moon. The placement and design for the artwork was truly well-thought; the placement complimenting the area, as to the reflection given by the position of the materials used.

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As one might imagine, the installation is incredibly wondrous during a star-filled, clear night. This artwork was attributed to the late Al Beadle, a mid-century architectural virtuoso. Alfred N. Beadle V (1927–1998) was an American modernist architect active in Phoenix, Arizona. All of Beadle’s output reflects a rigorous, rectilinear modernist idiom. His works have been an inspiration for Aitken. Beadle would have been the best critic for the project. As to the possibility of having to visit the site, a commoner may not get the message right away is one doesn’t contemplate. A lot of discussion might be needed to fully decipher the meaning and essence of the artwork. Only a man’s perception can define the message it brings to himself.

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