Joaquim Verges Developer of Falcon Pro Left Twitter and is Now with...

Joaquim Verges Developer of Falcon Pro Left Twitter and is Now with Twitch

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Social networking has picked up well with today’s trend. Twitter has been a phenomenal hit. With over ten years on the web, Twitter has gained recognition in its name as it became a portal for what has been talked about lately. They were able to take blogging to a new level allowing ordinary users to speak their thoughts and express their feelings, and broadcast it to their network through SMS-like format. It aims to relay updates through status posts through a 140-character limit. The supposed-to-be mobile platform turned into web-based as the new project grew and grew. Functional messaging became an integral part of Twitter like the popular “hashtag”, using the [email protected] symbol to direct statuses to that user’s name, and re-tweeting statuses from those on the news feed.

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As the company grew, many more contributors are needed to expand the scope and features of the platform. Twitter eventually linked itself to third party applications. One of the best Twitter apps ever was the Falcon Pro. Falcon Pro is a user interface downloaded from Play Store for android, or App Store for IOS. This was launched in 2012. Falcon was originally launched as widget that allowed you to view your timeline and control your entire Twitter account all from within the widget.  Behind the innovation of a whole new experience for Twitter is the android developer Joaquim Verges. For the past year and a half, Verges has been a part of Twitter as he helped improve the Twitter app by integrating an Android sense in it. He entered the company as an android engineer.

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His specialty is on user interface and his focus was on that. He placed the quality of the app up a notch by tweaking in some animation and transition to result in a smooth transition. The main idea was to create a platform where there is an “android feel” over it, as the previous clearly defined IOS-based design. Verges started with the company with so much enthusiasm as he was a big Twitter user himself. He highlighted that “Twitter for me is my interests.” Just recently, Verges posted a status saying, [email protected] following my video games passion, I’ll be joining the @Twitch Android team on Monday!”. As to his post, Verges felt that he has done what he can for Twitter. He must have felt that he needed another challenge, and that Twitch seems to trigger his tickle bones. After all, he loves video games.

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The new team Verges will be working for is called Twitch. Twitch is the world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers, video game culture, and the creative arts.   Verge started with the new company last March 13. Similarly, Amazon owner of Twitch has recently launched a new product believed to be Twitter’s rival: Pulse. Pulse is “a place where streamers can post and engage with all of their followers and the greater Twitch community right from the Twitch front page.” The app offers features like the Twitch Chat, videos, functional posts or even drive engagement like create polls and post questions. The App just launched a few weeks and has been gaining quite a steady increase in followers. Let’s see who tops the spot.

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