Useful Ways to Watch Your Favorite TV Shows Using Smart Phones or...

Useful Ways to Watch Your Favorite TV Shows Using Smart Phones or Tablets

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If you love watching interesting stuff on YouTube, indulging on never-ending episodes on Netflix, your smart phone is a great way to access such content because you can always bring it with you and watch it anywhere you go. But the problem is, most of our smartphones does not have big screens and let’s face it, it is always better if we watch our favorite shows on big screens right?

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Consider this problem solved! Have you heard about Screen Mirroring? This allows you to mirror the contents of your mobile device and connect it to your TV screen. Others also call this screen casting. I am amazed on what technology brings us.

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A fast growing collection of devices exists that also allows the contents on your smartphone or your tablet to be mirrored on your TV.  Here are some of the many devices that can help you watch your favorite show from you phones or tablets to your TV screen.

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  • Apple TV – Is a streaming device that has the simplest way to mirror a video with audio from your phone. You just have to connect an HDMI wire to your phone or tablet then swipe up the bottom part of the screen of your iOS device then click Airplay. Just that simple. Apple TV costs at around $150-200.
  • Roku – is available for Android devices running 4.2 or higher, Windows 8 phones or higher. Roku notes that there are many terms used for mirroring, once you have identified the correct terminology, you can usually connect mirroring from inside the settings menu, usually identified by “network” or “display” headings.
  • Amazon Fire TV – screen mirroring for android devices running 4.2 Jelly Bean or higher via Miracast. Just like Roku users will findAllShareCast – the way to go when it comes to transmitting videos, photos, and other media to the Fire TV from outside the Android mafia. Another app to try out is Reflector 2, which also works with iOS devices.

These are the most common device used for screen mirroring but there more out there. There is also an option like connecting an HDMI directly to your phone which they call – plug and play. If you have an HDMI ready TV then plug one end to your phone and the other end to the HDMI port of your TV – then play, that easy.

Once both are connected, whatever you see on your phone will show on your TV screen. You do not need WIFI to use this method, just simply the wire. But if you want to go wireless, then I suggest use the device recommended above. Streaming our favorite movie shows directly to your TV using the devices above could not be easier.


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