Best 20 Tricks to Make your NETFLIX Experience Better than Ever

Best 20 Tricks to Make your NETFLIX Experience Better than Ever

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Netflix is a streaming service that allows us to watch a wide-ranging selection of movies, TV shows and series and more using the internet. This is one way of enjoying unlimited viewing of your favorite TV shows and movies without having to watch a single commercial.

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Netflix’s tried-and-true formula barely requests for improvement. However, there are 20 ways you can improve your streaming experience and get the absolute most out of your Netflix subscription.

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-You can easily keep track on what is new because Netflix publishes an updated list every month.

  • Sort your queue
  • This is so helpful, you have two options the “Manual Ordering” which means that you hand-picked your choices and the “Netflix Suggest” where in Netflix gives a set of titles for you to choose from.
  • Search hidden subgenres

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-There is an assigned code for the genres including the sub-genres and you can access it manually.

  • Get recommendation
  • A lot of people who are into Netflix can give you recommendations on what movies to watch.
  • Shuffle play
  • If you can’t decide what to watch the Roulette can randomly give you a list of Movie Titles with a certain rating window, director or actor’s name, or keyword.
  • Download movies to watch offline
  • If you are going to a place that does not have an internet connection, you can download a movie and stream it later.
  • Manually adjust streaming settings
  • Adjusting the streaming bit rate of what you are watching to a lower setting can help lessen buffering issues.
  • Change those subtitles
  • You do not have to worry about watching foreign movies because you can change the subtitles accordingly.
  • Make a flixtape
  • This is a way of saving you the hassle of the VCR that can let your friends and family members on to your favorite Netflix hits can be accessed viaa dedicated website.
  • Search by language
  • Click on a link for a given language, and you will then be transported to a page with all shows and films that are available in that language.
  • Get a handle on data usage
  • If you have no access to WIFI, you can set your cellular data usage accordingly so that it would just limit you to a certain GB of data.
  • Request movies
  • If the movie you want to see is not on the list then you can make a request to the company help page and give them a maximum of three titles you would like to see added in the list.
  • Learn the hot keys
  • This shortcut keys would make your streaming more easier, example : pressing space/enter to play and pause the movie.
  • Delete your history
  • You can delete your streaming history for you to avoid getting movie suggestions.
  • Kick off your ex
  • If you used your account with other gadgets is not a problem because you can sign it off remotely by going to your account then choose the “Sign Out Of All Devices” button.
  • Become an early adaptor of new features
  • If you want to be updated of NETFLIX new features just go to the upper-right menu, select My Account, and then click on theTest Participation link.
  • Put your account on hold
  • You can temporarily suspend your subscription up to 90 days without extra charges.

I hope these tricks will help make your NETFLIX Streaming a lot better.

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