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Uber’s Self-Driving Head is Forcibly Sidelined Amidst Lawsuit on Stolen Tech

Anthony Levandowski is now being called “the brother from another mother” of Travis Kalanick. He has also been forced to officially step down as...

Scientist Reveals Math for Time Travel is Possible, but No Machine...

Since HG Wells first popularized the idea in 1885, time travel has remained a steady theme in science fiction. Popular films such as 12...

Now Available: Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

Samsung recently released the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus and the initial feedback is glowing with praises. Both models are innovative, sophisticated, and full...

Online Videos of Killings are a Real Headache for Facebook

Technology has never been so easy and accessible, especially when posting videos of live murders taking place on the internet. Recent cases of murder...

High-tech Meat Alternatives That Could Change the Future

It’s hard to maintain a healthy diet. Everyone eats, but they also feel like they can eat better. The food we eat has a...

Water Turned Into Lemonade: What is It?

Water can now be turned into lemonade, or into something that looks and tastes like lemonade. And you don’t have to buy any ingredient...


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5 Amazing Travel Gadgets That May Come in Handy on Your Next Trip

Sometimes you just need to get away. Go far away from the city and leave all the stress behind. However, there are times when...
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Toddlers that Play with Touchscreens Get Less Sleep

A scientific study has discovered that toddlers and younger children that constantly play or use devices with touchscreens such as tablets have less sleeping...
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Gaming Laptop Review: Razer Blade is the Ultimate in Gaming Laptops

The Razer Blade is actually a slim gaming laptop and is in the middle of a range sandwiched between the 14-inch Blade, bracketed by...
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The New Leica Thalia Line is Every Cinematographer’s Dream

Memories are treasured moments that bring a smile on our faces each time we look back on them. Since the pleasure and happiness we...
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Amazon Kindle is Getting $50 Off, and Other Best Tech Deal for the Week

Good deals means finding the best tech deals on the internet or in any store without really spending that much and tear a hole...
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The Halo Sport Headphones will Supercharge your Brain and Make You a Better Player

Halo Neuroscience recently launched its new brain-training Halo Sport headphones to the mass consumer market for the price of “just” $749. Anyone wearing these...