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Microsoft Zune firmware version 4.5 gets released


It's still pretty clear that the Apple iPod has a stranglehold on the portable MP3 player market, but Microsoft isn't going to drift off into the darkness. They're still fully supporting their platform and moving it ahead with plenty of updates. If you happen to be rocking a Zune HD, you'll be happy to hear that firmware version 4.5 has been dished out to address a few quibbles and improve your overall experience. One of the more interesting additions in the new firmware update is something called Smart DJ Mix.

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Twitter App for Zune HD Censors Potty Mouths

There are all sorts of places where you can stay up to date with your tweeps and tweets these days. There’s the main Twitter website, a huge range of desktop clients, Twitter apps for smartphones, and even the Twitter thing on the Xbox 360. Well, you can now add the ...

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Is Apple Releasing a 64GB iPod Touch for $399?


The new Microsoft Zune HD seems to offer a good value proposition, so you can fully expect the team in Cupertino to come up with some retaliatory measures to respond. We’re probably going to see an updated iPod touch in the months ahead and, based on the latest rumors, it’ll ...

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Video Demos: Zune HD as Media Center on HDTV


The Microsoft Zune HD went all official this week and the player itself already seems like a pretty exciting proposition. It comes with HD radio, a great touchscreen display, and a revamped user interface. However, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Check out what happens when you connect it ...

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