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LG Windows Phone 8.1 Handset Leaked


LG might have started working on a Windows Phone 8.1 handset. We have found a leaked image, which comes to us courtesy of @evleaks, floating around on the web.

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Firefox OS has Landed! ZTE Open Now Available in Spain


Firefox OS has landed! The ZTE Open is now available in Spain for just $90 outright, including $40 worth of free airtime minutes.

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Samsung Leading The Smartphone Race, As BlackBerry and Nokia Fall Behind


According to the IDC, sales of smartphones have surpassed that of feature phones in Q1. Samsung is having the highest market share, followed by Apple, LG, Huawei and ZTE.

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ZTE V98 Window’s 8 Tablet is Pretty Impressive

zte v98 windows 8 tablet

ZTE have unveiled their first Windows 8 slate. Named the ZTE V98, it packs an Intel Atom CPU, 10.1-inch display and looks rather good!

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Sony Firefox OS Handset Coming In 2014


Sony has announced that it has partnered with Telefonica for developing a device that will run Mozilla's Firefox operating system.

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ZTE Grand Memo Show Off At MWC, Features Snapdragon 800 Processor


The ZTE Grand Memo has now officially be revealed at MWC as the first smartphone running on a Snapdragon 800 processor.

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ZTE Grand Memo is a super-sized Grand S

zte grand memo

Rather than waiting for MWC, Chinese phone maker ZTE have jumped the gun and announced the all new 5.7-inch ZTE Grand Memo.

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ZTE Firefox Phone Coming to MWC 2013


Believe it or not, ZTE is actually the fifth largest smartphone company in the world. And now the Chinese company is preparing to broaden its horizons by unveiling its first smartphone powered by Mozilla Firefox OS.

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ZTE V81 8-Inch Android Tablet Challenges iPad Mini


Ahead of MWC, Chinese tablet and smartphone vendor, ZTE, has now unveiled a brand new tablet called the ZTE V81.

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ZTE U956 Budget-Oriented Smartphone Boasts 5-inch Display and Quad-core Chip

ZTE U965 leaked

ZTE had a strong presence at CES recently, and showed off some great flagship phones, but nothing you could call low-cost or affordable. That isn't to say ZTE has stopped making high quality affordable smartphones, as they haven't and the ZTE U965 is proof of that.

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Mozilla Prepares to Launch Firefox OS in Brazil, Working with ZTE and Alcatel Going Forward


When is Firefox OS actually coming? We've been hearing 2013 for a while now, but the good news is that Mozilla is finally giving us a bit more information about what the future holds.

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ZTE Grand S Headed to the U.S

zte grand s coming to the US

ZTE Head of North American business Lixin Cheng has confirmed the 5-inch, 1080 ZTE Grand S will arrive in the U.S later this year!

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ZTE Nubia Z7 to Pack 6.3-inch 2560×1440 Display?


There was once a time when a 3.5-inch screen was considered more than big enough, believe it or not. Then came the 4-inch screen. Then the 5-inch. Now the Huawei Ascend Mate is going crazy by taking us to even bigger heights with a 6.1-inch phablet.

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ZTE Grand S shows up in a Range of Different Colors

zte grand s colours leaked

Although the Grand S isn't scheduled to launch until later this month at CES, a few lucky people managed to get a first glimpse of the phone sporting a lime green finish at a design show in Shanghai yesterday.

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ZTE Nubia Z5 Officially Launched in China

zte nubia z5 launched in China

Back in November ZTE announced the China-only Nubia brand. Despite this, the company has waited until today to launch the flagship phone for the new brand in Beijing.

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