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Smart ForFour Cabrio Electric Drive Car Confirmed, Set For 2016 Release


Smart ForFour Cabrio Electric Drive Car

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Synthetic micro-beads could create emissions-free, $1.50 per gallon gasoline


Imagine gasoline that costs only $1.50 per gallon, releases no carbon emissions and works in any and every existing gasoline engine without modification. That's exactly what UK-based Cella Energy has been working on for four years during a top-secret programme – and they're now announcing the achievement.

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The truth about “zero emissions”

The truth about "zero emissions" vehicles

First, we should examine where our electricity comes from. It is estimated that in the USA about 50% of electricity is derived from coal. After coal, the second most common energy source is natural gas, which produces about 20% of the USA’s electricity.The final 30% of the USA’s electricity comes from non-combustible resources (gives off no CO2), what one could consider “green”; Nuclear, Hydro, and finally about 2% of electricity is derived from “renewable resources” Solar and / or wind.

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