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Ring Mouse Is Sheer Genius


Who needs a mouse pad? For that matter, who needs a mousing surface at all when you can get smarter with something like the Genius Ring Mouse. It's a mouse that you wear like a ring, controlling your computer with a few gentle strokes of your thumb.

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Chameleon X1 gaming mouse doubles as PC gaming pad


I'm all for convergence. If you can give me one device that can suitably replace two devices, so long as there is no major loss in quality on either front, I'm a happy camper. That's why the Chameleon X1 from Shogun Bros. sounds so intriguing. It may look like a mouse, but it's also a gamepad.

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Logitech MK605 Kit Converts Notebook to Desktop


I haven’t had a desktop as my primary computer for several years now, because I enjoy the greater versatility and portability offered by a notebook. At the same time, I spend the vast majority of my time working from home, so I still want to have a comfortable experience during ...

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