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LG D1L Rumored To Have Built-In Wireless Charging


Korean website DDaily says that the handset boasts built-in wireless charging, a feature that will also be available with the Galaxy S III, if rumors are to be believed. According to the website, the D1L will be available in South Korea at the end of May via all the three major carriers, but no hints regarding its global availability.

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Wireless EV Charging To Become A Factory Option?


Evatran, the company that claims to have developed the world’s first wireless EV charging system, has partnered with Yazaki North America, a Tier 1 automotive supplier to commercialize their Plugless Power technology. Back in March, Google tested out the plugless chargers at the Googleplex in California for their short-range EVs that employees use to get around campus. The EVs had to be refitted to use the plugless chargers, and any EVs that qualify for the technology would have to be refitted.

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True wireless charging coming from Fujitsu this century?


When I first heard about the idea of wireless charging, I thought that I could leave my cell phone just about anywhere near the charging device and the battery would magically get topped up. And then they crushed my dreams with the inductive charging system. Well, Fujitsu has just renewed my hopes again with its latest development.

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