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Wind network expands into Ottawa, where the stores at?

We Want Wind!

WIND Mobile wants to take Canada by storm, but it can only do it one city at a time. For the initial launch, we only saw their services being offered to Calgary and Toronto regions, but now they're ready to add another town to the mix: Ottawa.Canada's capital city has officially been blanketed in the Wind Mobile network, giving all those politicians (and other residents) another option for their cellular needs.

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Globalive bundles Yak and Wind Mobile phone services


In case you didn't know, both Yak Communications and Wind Mobile are owned by the same company: Globalive. Just as you can bundle together your Telus TV with your Telus home phone, Globalive is bundling its services together too. That only makes sense.I've been using the Yak service for a little while now, since it provides some great long distance rates on my cell phone. Yak also offers home phone and low-cost Internet services. With the new announcement today, you can now take your Yak and add in some Wind.

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Free SIM Cards Given Out by Wind Mobile


So, you know about the Wind Mobile phones and you know about their monthly plans, but that’s not enough to entice you into their fold? Well, Wind Mobile is working even harder to attract new customers, because it sounds like they are giving away free SIM cards to boot. Just like any other GSM carrier, you can bring your unlocked ...

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DAVE Wireless to Join Canadian Landscape in Early 2010

The wireless climate in Canada is abuzz this week with the launch of Wind Mobile, finally offering some real competition to the “big three” wireless providers. What about that other guy that won a bunch of spectrum during the auction? Oh, he’s coming. And soon. While Wind Mobile is rolling out its services across major metropolitan areas in Canada, it ...

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Wind Mobile Launches Today with Four Phone Choices


It’s been quite the exciting ride, but Wind Mobile is finally launching in Canada today. The price plans are basically in line with the leak that we saw last week, so now let’s take a look at the actual phones that you’ll be able to use with Wind Mobile. As you may already know, Wind Mobile uses the same 1700MHz ...

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First Look: Wind Mobile Kiosk Inside Blockbuster Store


Given the rising price of DVD movie rentals and the relative ease of use offered by digital downloads as an alternative, I guess it’s not all that surprising that Blockbuster Video is facing some tough times. Heck, much of the time, it can be more worthwhile to buy the DVDs outright than it is to rent them. So, what does ...

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Industry Canada Finally Gives Green Light to Wind Mobile

After taking out the wind from beneath their sales, Industry Canada has suddenly become the wind beneath their wings. It’s been quite the epic journey for Globalive in its quest to become another major Canadian wireless provider and now it seems that they can finally open up shop. Wind Mobile lives! Industry Minister Tony Clement has officially announced that Globalive ...

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WIND Mobile Blocked by CRTC, CEO Not Deterred

This fall was supposed to bring all sorts of wonderful competition to the Canadian wireless industry. Rogers would no longer have a stranglehold on the GSM end of the equation, since Bell and Telus would be launching their own HSDPA networks, not to mention the introduction of Wind and Dave. Well, Wind Mobile has hit quite the snag. Even though ...

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What We Know about Wind Mobile Launch: Plans, Phones, Surface

The landscape for Canadian wireless carriers is about to undergo one massive change. In addition to the monumental shift to HSPA by Telus and Bell Mobility, we’re getting ready for a couple of new players as well. We already know about Dave Wireless, but what does Wind Mobile have up its proverbial sleeve? The details surrounding the initial monthly rate ...

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