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32GB Honeycomb Xoom Android Tablet Mirrors iPad 2 Pricing at $599


I've got some good news and some bad news for all the Honeycomb fans in the audience. The good news is that you don't have to pony up for a new wireless data contract in order to get your hands on a Xoom; you can get the WiFi-only model instead. The bad news is that it's not particularly cheap.

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How Chinese iPhone Users Can Get Around Cydia Block By China Unicom


The App Store is pretty nice with its thousands of applications, but sometimes you still want access to secondary means like Cydia. If you happen to be an iPhone user with China Unicom, however, you may have encountered some issues when trying to connect with Cydia. That's because Unicom has erected yet another Great Wall of China.

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Is your WiFi-touting laptop killing the next generation?


Here we go again. Two new studies are adding more fuel to the fire, providing further evidence that our laptops may not be in our best interest. This is especially true if you choose to use your laptop in your lap, because it could be preventing you from putting a bun in the oven. It could be making your little swimmers a little less viable. Catch my drift?

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HasWiFi checks if your flight has WiFi: Until all flights have WiFi


Going on a trip can be a lot of fun, but the flight there can be monotonously boring if you've already seen all the movies they make available. Sometimes an Internet connection to surf the web while you're thousands of feet in the air can quickly pass the time, and even let you get some work done

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Giving your heart its very own IP address


Wireless technology often looked upon as a means for communication and resourcefulness, can also mean the difference between life and death for some people. Take cardiac patients for example, many have an implanted defibrillator that is designed to give an automatic "shock" every time their heart rate takes a spike.

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iOS 4.2 will bring AirPrint wireless printing to your iDevice


One point to having wireless devices like the iPad, iPhone and even the iPod touch, is that you can do just about everything you want without being "plugged in." Soon, you'll be able to do one more everyday thing on the these devices, and that is to print.

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The anti-WiFi movement at a coffee shop near you


Vancouver is a bit of tech hub, so it's understandable that many of the coffee shops offer complimentary Wi-Fi access to customers. This way, people like me can whip our laptops and get some work done while sipping down on a hazelnut latte. But some cafes don't like this anymore.

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Wi-Fi Sync wirelessly syncs jailbroken iPhones with iTunes


Wi-Fi Sync is an app for the iPhone that allows you to sync your iTunes library on your Mac over a Wi-Fi connection; the clincher, it has to be jailbroken. Apple doesn't allow wireless syncing for god knows what reason, but if they were planning on it than we would have probably heard of it in the iPhone OS 4 update. Until then, you will have to resort to seedy methods; the app sells for $10 from the hacked app store Cydia. A program similar to Wi-Fi Sync was started back in 2007 called uSync, it required executing shell scripts and libs: "SVN GTKPod/libgpod and SVN GNUPod (with a couple extra modifications)," and hasn't gone anywhere since.

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Sprint wants to make your iPhone 4G, maybe


Enjoying a nice evening in front of the TV last night, a Sprint commercial came on touting the ability to "Make Your iPhone 4G". Being a bit of an iWhatever junkie and a slave to AT&T, I was excited to say the least.I instantly went to their company site for more information. Once there, Sprint promises to "Turbo charge your productivity with an even faster Mobile Broadband connection". What black magic would allow you to escape the clutches of your 3G carrier? Sprint's Overdrive 4G mobile hotspot comes to the rescue!

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Wi-Fire long range WiFi USB adapter reaches Macs


Ever have trouble with a good strong wireless connection? Sometimes a dead spot or intermitent connection? hField Technologies today launched their Wi-Fire long range WiFi USB adapter for the Macintosh to address this problem.

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Bell Mobility Starts Shipping MiFi Hotspot Device

Getting ready to head home for the holidays? Want to make sure that you stay connected to the Internet the entire time on multiple devices? Bell Mobility is jumping to the rescue with the timely release of the Novatel MiFi 2372, a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot device that’ll work anywhere you have Bell coverage. The credit card-sized device effectively takes the ...

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Rogers Rocket Hub Provides Data, Voice for 15 People

You know you can buy a Rogers Rocket Stick so that you can have Internet access on your laptop anywhere you have Rogers cellular service? What if you can’t get a signal? What if you want to share that web access with other people? This is where the newly announced Rogers Rocket Hub comes into play and it sounds like ...

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Almost 50 American Airports Getting Free Wi-Fi from Google


Do you plan on flying home for the holidays? Are you looking forward to dealing with airport security and explaining to them why you have so many gadgets in your backpack? Maybe you’ll be bored out of your mind waiting to board your flight? Well, Google wants to lend you another friendly hand. While suffering through flight delays, you don’t ...

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Free In-Flight Wi-Fi from Southwest and Alaska Airlines?

Short commuter flights aren’t so bad. You can pack an iPod or Nintendo DS and be satisfied for an hour or two. During longer flights, however, you may find yourself starved for an Internet connection. We’re starting to see more airlines offer in-flight Wi-Fi services, getting your smartphones and laptops connected to the world wide web, but these services usually ...

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Light Up a Hotspot with Wi-Fi Seeker and Light

One of the major reasons why you may opt for a notebook over a desktop is for the added portability that it can provide. However, most of us can be pretty useless if we are without Internet access, so you’ll want a quick and easy way to check for the availability of interwebz where you are. I guess you could ...

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