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Google flips the switch on SSL encryption for Gmail


Google announced Wednesday that it will start encrypting all its Gmail traffic when using a remote wireless server. This comes within days of Google's announcement that it might pull its offices from China after discovering concerted attempts to break into Gmail accounts of human rights activists.

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Wi-Fi Coming to Amtrak Acela Trains


You have some airlines that are already offering in-flight Wi-Fi access, but these new security measures could make air travel a little less appealing that it has been in the past. What if you want to take the train instead? Well, it seems that Amtrak is coming to your web-connected rescue.

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REVIEW – Samsung ST1000 Digital Camera

REVIEW  - Samsung ST1000 Digital Camera

Many of us tend to lead hyper-connected lifestyles these days and we simply cannot be bothered with all of those different cables. If you’re feeling the itch to cut a few cords, you may be interested in the Samsung ST1000 digital camera. You might remember the unboxing video that I ...

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Detecting Wi-Fi Hotspots with Your Head

So, you’ve invested in one of those shiny new netbook computers, but you’ve found that it can be a pain to find an available Wi-Fi hotspot. You could certainly leave the netbook on to search for signals, but that’s a battery drain that you simply cannot afford. Leave it up ...

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Every Future Sprint Smartphone Will Have Wi-Fi


When it came to choosing my next smartphone, I had a few basic criteria in mind. I really wanted to keep a physical QWERTY keyboard, I wanted a relatively decent camera, and I absolutely had to have Wi-Fi. It seems that Sprint customers feel much the same way, because that ...

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