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Marketing clarification causes WePad to rename Android tablet to WeTab

WeTab tablet is the new name for the WePad

The company who originally released their device as the WePad, has officially announced a name change to the WeTab. What spawned the name change of the WePad? Was it too confusingly similar to the iPad? Or perhaps a pad was not the ultimate desired intention, and a tab would be more fitting to it's intended use. I mean seriously, a WePad does sound a little like a pad you are going to urinate on. Ok, they are from Germany we can give them that, but just ask a 10 year old from North America and they could have figured it out pretty quickly.

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WePad Android tablet gets launch date, specs, price and Flash


It looks like this tablet thing is really going to take off and the Apple iPad won't be the only one populating the space. One of the more interesting offerings will be the WePad, not to be confused for an adults incontinence garment - a touchscreen-enabled device running on Google Android. Well, we've got more info about that number now. Several important details were announced regarding the WePad today, including the official specs, pricing, and the pending release date. The WePad results from a collaboration between Neofonie and 4titoo.

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