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Opera Announces Switch to WebKit Rendering Engine


Today Opera announced they are abandoning Presto and are migrating over to the WebKit HTML/CSS rendering engine for its smarpthones, iOS and PC efforts.

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Samsung Working On Its Own Mobile Browser


How much thought do you put into the kind of mobile browser you use? Odds are that you probably use what is already there. The same kind of attitude was persistent in the PC world for years, until Internet Explorer started showing some real problems and alternatives like Firefox OS started getting positive attention. Even so, both in the mobile ...

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Comscore says iPad makes up 97.2% of all tablet web traffic


I think we all know that the Apple iPad is the current dominating force in the world of tablets. That much is obvious, but I don't think too many of us thought that the proportions were this far out of whack.

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HP internal testing reveals webOS running twice as fast on iPad


We're hearing that internal testing at HP led to the loading of webOS onto an Apple iPad and, well, it blew the TouchPad out of the water. The precise details are quite scarce, but we're hearing that webOS ran "twice as fast" on the Apple iPad hardware than it did on the HP TouchPad. This leads us to believe that it's the hardware, and not the software, that led to the ultimate demise of webOS at HP.

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More details leaked on RIM touch-based slider hybrid

BlackBerry Storm 3 leaked image

Research in Motion is rumored to be working on a touch screen phone hybrid that also includes a slider style keyboard, according to sources cited by the Wall Street Journal and our previous reports dubbing the device the BlackBerry Storm 3. Those familiar with the new hardware claim it is not unlike Apple’s iPhone and boasts many similar technical feats, possibly similar to RIM's patents from 2008.

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Video shows BlackBerry WebKit-based browser at MWC


Research In Motion has just announced, but not released the WebKit-based BlackBerry web browser. A sneak-preview of a video from this mornings Mobile World Congress show's that it's fast loading, smooth scrolling and enhances the javascript experience.

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Webkit-Based Browser Coming to BlackBerry via Torch Mobile

And Research in Motion is once again expanding its empire in the realm of corporate communications. The deal has not yet been confirmed by the newsroom in Waterloo, but the other party is more than happy to make the official announcement on its site. RIM, makers of the popular BlackBerry line of smartphones, has purchased Torch Mobile. You’ve probably never ...

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