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Partly Cloudy – iOS Review


Unlike most weather apps, that just give you a straight forward weather, time, area design and no imagination, Partly Cloudy delivers an incredible re-design of how to check the weather within seven days, and at any place in the world.

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Netatmo Urban Weather Station for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch


Yes, I suppose you could rely on meteorologists to give you a weather report, but they're not taking readings outside of your house and they certainly aren't giving you real-time data about the inside of your house.

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Cryoscope Will Let You Feel The Weather Tomorrow, Literally (Video)


Weather reports are useful sometimes, useless others. To make things interesting and switch it up from watching those typical forecasted weather reports, how about feeling the weather tomorrow?  I know that I still have a habit of stepping outside to “see how cold it is” and whether I need a coat or not, even if I happen to have the ...

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The Tornado Hunters’ 6,300 kilo armored tank


Do you remember that scene in Twister where the man and lady tie themselves to a gas pipe with a leather belt and see the guts of a passing tornado? Me too. But apparently that was a tad unrealistic. In reality, you would need an American-built pickup truck, loaded down with 3,600 kilos (7,937 lbs) of steel armour — and one hell of a ballsy videographer.

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