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Phosphor Appear’s Crystal Display Not So Liquid


Phosphor’s new “Appear” watch takes LCD to a new level: Not Liquid Crystal Display, but Literally, Crystal Display. The face of the watch is blanketed by a downright kitschy amount of Swarovski crystals, some of which actually, physically flip to reveal a black, pink or red side in order to tell time.

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Konect Watch Makes Telling Time More Fun


What ever happend to watches that tell the time in a simple and easy to read manner? Why must designers be hell bent on creating a watch that actually takes you more time to, well, read the time for no real reason other than upping your hipster chic rating?

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Hublot watch grants Hiro Nakamura powers to anyone


Okay. Heroes kind of lost its way after the first season, so it's not all that surprising that it eventually got canned by NBC. You won't be able to catch any more of those everyday superheroes on TV again (unless you count No Ordinary Family, which really isn't the same thing), but you can relive your yatta moments with the La Cle du Temps watch from Hublot.

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Memory Time Watch Concept: Time measured in memories

Memory Time Watch

What a profound statement that really puts time, life and our experiences into perspective. As much as some of us wish that we could just have a few seconds to catch our breath, time does not stop for anything it continues toward an endless purpose and it expects everyone to try to keep up. It is up to us to find value in the moments that we are granted.

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