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JuiceTank Case for iPhone Has Built-In Wall Charger


Where is that darn charger? We've all had the experience of misplacing our phone chargers, but the JuiceTank eliminates that problem altogether by integrating the charger right into the iPhone case. And it looks half decent doing it too.

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BlueLounge MiniDock charges your iPhone on the wall


There are times when you want to play a game or send a text while your phone is charging, and there are times when you just want it to safely charge by not having to leave your iPhone or iPad sitting on the floor for someone to kick.

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Slay vampire power with AT&T ZERO Charger


Today may be St. Patrick's Day and there will be a lot of people out there consuming green-colored beer, but there is another meaning to "going green" with AT&T. It involves slaying some vampires and saving the environment, it seems, with the upcoming AT&T ZERO Charger.As you may already know, devices plugged into the wall continue to draw electricity even when they are not in use. This is true of televisions, for instance, since they are in standby mode.

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Standard Wall Outlet Gains Two USB Ports for Ten Bucks

There all kinds of adapters out there, like the Technocel PowerPak, which can transform a regular AC wall outlet into a powered USB port. What’s different about this contraption is that there is no adapter at all; instead, the powered USB ports are integrated into the wall socket. As you can quite plainly see from the image provided, your regular ...

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DLO WallDock Charges iPhone Without Wires

This isn’t quite as cool as the wireless charging solutions offered by companies like PowerMat, but it does mean that you don’t have to deal with any messy cables when it comes time to charge up your Apple iPhone or iPod. It also makes for a nice, clean appearance that is completely uncluttered. The DLO WallDock isn’t exactly the most ...

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Keep Your Wall Charging Organized with Socket Pocket


When it comes to charging your iPod, iPhone, or smartphone, there’s a good chance that you’re currently letting that cable dangle everywhere with the device sitting on the floor or on a nearby shelf. Wouldn’t it be nice if everything could be a little more organized? That’s the idea behind the Socket Pocket. Instead of letting the cords and cables ...

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