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Ebola Outbreak An International Health Emergency, Says WHO


Ebola is now an international health emergency, says the World Health Organisation.

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New Deadly Coronavirus Could Be the Next SARS


Scientists have discovered a deadly new virus that has already infected 13 people and caused 7 fatalities. Now, they are scrambling to better understand the virus so that they can be better equipped to combat it.

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Google Ups Security with Bouncer for Android Market


That's why Google has come forward to announce a new service called "Bouncer." Yeah, Android Market is the hippest night club in town and it's not going to put up with belligerant drunks and would-be thieves. Get out, buddy. You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here.

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Android Trojan automatically subscribes you to premium SMS services


Uh oh. One of the troubles associated with developing an increasingly popular product is that you become a bigger target for the bad guys too. Google Android is not immune to these kinds of attacks and the most recent one could cost you a pretty penny. That's because it could start sending you daily jokes and daily horoscopes.

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Japan cracks down on virus makers with new cybercrime law


A computer virus can make your computer do bad things you dont want it to do. They even cause millions of dollars in damage and waste network bandwidth. It's about time we fight back against the people who make viruses and Japan is leading the charge with a new law.

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Energizer’s Duo USB charger is infected with a trojan virus


While you should certainly be careful about the kinds of websites you visit and the types of software you download from the Internet, it seemed safe to assume that plugging in a simple battery charger into your USB port would be perfectly safe. Apparently not and Energizer is to blame.Not only has the Energizer Duo USB charger been less than a monumental success for the battery giant

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