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Vertu’s Constellation Quest Ferrari Phone Makes The Blackberry Porsche P’9881 Look Uglier Than Ever


The Constellation Quest Ferrari by Vertu derives its inspiration from the sharp curves of the Italian sports car manufacturer’s ‘458 Italia’ car. And yes, it comes with the iconic Ferrari logo too, the prancing horse. Ferrari cars come with custom-made plush leather interiors. Vertu’s Constellation Quest Ferrari doesn’t fall short in that category either: the front portion of the handset has leather exteriors with the Cavellino Rampante logo embossed on it. And it needn’t be said that the leather is the same hand-made Italian calf ones used by Ferrari in its cars.

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26 Grand Later, The Vertu Dragon Phone


Nokia might be busy buddying up with Microsoft on their Windows Phone ambitions, but it looks like the separate Vertu division is still around doing what it has always done: jazz up relatively mediocre phones and sell them for astronomical prices.

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A Remarkably Simple Cell Phone For $58,720


As smartphones get both more powerful and a greater number of features, they tend to get more expensive. Want to have a fancy AMOLED touchscreen to go with your 12MP camera on that handset? It's going to cost you. Well, the reverse is holding true in the case of the +YvesBehar phone by Yves Behar.

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$200,000+ Vertu signature phones represent the ‘four seasons’


Usually when it comes to buying the newest and hottest cell phone, I take a look at the spec sheet to see how they compare to other phones I've already seen. I may mull over the user interface and form factor, considering how the handset can fit into my lifestyle. The Vertu line from Nokia is just an entirely different ball game. The brand has been around for a while, but it has fallen out of the limelight for quite some time.

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