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Meet some Canucks, get free Best Buy gift cards with a BlackBerry


Hey Vancouver hockey fans! As the hometown Canucks gear up for a potential playoff run, you'll have an opportunity to meet a couple of the team's star players and cash in on some free stuff while you're at it. They're not quite Roberto Luongo, but you still want to meet these Canucks. I got an email in my inbox from Best Buy, informing me that Alex Burrows will be making an appearance at the Cambie Best Buy on Sunday, March 21st between 2pm and 4pm. Presumably, he'll be there for autographs and photo ops.

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Vancouver area graveyard getting a Rogers cell tower?


Vancouver is easily one of the most expensive and least affordable places to live in the country. That's why more and more people are moving into the suburbs and this has created an added strain on the cellular coverage in the 'burbs. To better address these concerns, Rogers wants to set up a new cell tower... but they want to do it in a cemetery. Apparently, Rogers Communications wants to erect a new cell tower in the middle of the Port Coquitlam Cemetary. This tower will be forty meters in height and will provide better coverage to people living in the Port Coquitlam area, which is about half an hour from Vancouver proper.

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BC to Get Nissan Leaf Electric Car in 2011

It may look like any other hybrid on the block, perhaps even evoking images of the iconic Toyota Prius, but the Nissan Leaf is something different entirely. Rather than working with both gasoline and electricity, the Nissan Leaf is fully an electric car and it’ll be ready for the people ...

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Vancouver Gets Second Apple Store This Weekend


I remember when the first Apple Store opened in Vancouver. Huddling around the construction site at Pacific Centre, we wondered what glories Cupertino would be bringing to our fine town. It’s not like we were devoid of Apple products in the past, since so many electronics dealers already stocked their ...

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