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How Many USB Ports Do You Really Need?


We have a lot of random gadgetry on our desks these days, so it’s not surprising that you may start to run out of USB ports on your computer. Thanks to some crazy guys at USB Fever, however, you will never reach for another USB port again. That’s because they’ve created a 24-port hub. That’s one port for every hour ...

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USB Pet Rock Just as Useless as Non-USB Version

Years and years ago, the public was treated to the invention of the pet rock. Even though it did absolutely nothing but sit there, the pet rock flew off the shelves and sold like there was no tomorrow. Well, it seems like the concept has hit the digital age, because we are now looking at the USB Pet Rock. Does ...

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microSD makes a play for music – via SanDisk


The thumbnail-sized microSD card always strikes me as a recipe for lost data. A breeze, a bump on the train, a fumble when loading could all result in that micro flash card disappearing forever. So when I got the ABBA Gold player pack from SanDisk (or should I say Sansa), I was worried that if I ever tried to remove ...

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Emoticons Get Eerily Real with Emo Ball

I think most of us are fairly familiar with the different emoticons that have become the standard of SMS and IM conversations. We all know what it means when someone types out a colon followed by a right parentheses. Even the guys at “Big Bang Theory” made mention of a colon and a capital D in the season premiere. However, ...

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Review: Samson Go Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphone

REVIEW - Samson Go Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphone

The vast majority of notebooks and netbooks being released into the marketplace today come equipped with integrated webcams and microphones, but these are obviously of a lower-quality when compared to premium standalone products. You could use the microphone that’s built into the portion above your display, but you’re probably going to pick up some wind noise and the resulting audio ...

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Mobile-Friendly Secondary USB Monitor (Mimo 710-S)


For people who are accustomed to a dual monitor configuration, going on the road with a regular laptop can be an exercise in frustration. The Nanovision Mimo line aims to address this concern by providing a secondary monitor that can run completely from a single USB connection, power and all. The trouble, up until now, is that they haven’t exactly ...

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Going Even Bigger with Kingston 256GB USB Flash Drive


Does size matter to you? Do you think that bigger is better? Do you want to have the largest USB flash drive on the market? Kingston is joining the big boy party with what could quite possibly be their most impressive flash drive to date. The Kingston DataTraveler 300 isn’t particularly special in terms of additional features and highlights. It ...

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