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US Military Mounts M-240 Machine Gun on “Protector” Robot


Wars are not going to be fought by people; they’re going to be fought by our robot overlords. While the US military has been using drones and robots for some time, they have now taken the next logical step and outfitted one of their land robots with a machine gun. The so-called “Protector” robot had been used in the past ...

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Predator Drone How-To Manual Hits The Net


What to know everything there is about piloting a US Military Predator drone? Probably not on most of our lists of things to do, but just in case, the leaked manual for this drone has now hit the Internet, courtesy of PublicIntelligence.

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US Military Looking To Train Soldiers In The Sixth Sense


Every single soldier who has seen action would have one or maybe more than one of those tales describing an incident in battle when his ‘intuition’ or as some describe it – ‘the gut feeling’ – saved his life from a potentially fatal scenario.

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DoD Releases iPad app for DVIDS


Our good friends over at the Department of Defense (DoD) who's chief aim is to protect the nation has deployed a new app. Ever wanted to be tapped in to the DoD's Video and Imagery distribution system? Well, there's an app for that.

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