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US Army Plans To Save On Fuel Bill With Their Mean-Looking Diesel-Hybrid ‘Humvee’


Fuel efficiency is the last thing US Army will think of while designing a new vehicle for their ground troops. But I guess, like Bob Dylan sang once: “The times, they are a-changing”.

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ARGUS-IS Military Drone Tracks 64 Targets Simultaneously, Snaps 1.8 Gigapixel Photos @10FPS


The A160 Hummingbird was recently unveiled with a new imaging system. Remember that 1.8 gigapixels is 100x more detail than what you'd get with your 18MP digital camera, and it's usually only with multiple shots that we regular folk can stitch together a gigapixel photo. The kicker is that this hovering aircraft can send back real-time video streams at 10 frames a second too.

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New Hypersonic Weapon Travels Five Times Faster Than Speed Of Sound


The US Department of Defense is always on the cutting edge of technological development, creating new weapons and defense mechanisms that would have been considered science fiction just a decade or two earlier. On Thursday such a weapon was successfully tested by the US Army.

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Dev Kit for US Army Military Android Phone Announced


It's not quite the same as Skynet going live with its cybernetic organisms, but we are inching that much closer to Judgment Day. The Mobile/Handheld Computing Environment (CE) is essentially a military Android framework.

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