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NTIA Wants FCC To Make Rules Regarding Cellphone Unlocking


The NTIA has filed a petition with the FCC which asks them to communicate to carriers a set of proposed rules regarding cellphone unlocking.

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Bill Proposed To Legalize Cell Phone Unlocking in the United States


A bill has been proposed by a US senator to legalize cellphone unlocking for using it on other networks.

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Motorola RAZR Owners Upset, Wanting Unlock


Motorola was not the first and it probably won't be the last company that struggles with their customers over the issue. What seems to making users particularly angry with Motorola is that in early 2011 Motorola had promised to unlock the bootloaders of its smartphones and while it did unlock a few, a majority of Motorola phones remain locked.

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HTC Super Tool Roots And Unlocks Most HTC Devices


XDA-Developers have released their HTC Super Tool, a Windows-based utility that universal roots and unlocks the bootloader of many HTC smartphones.

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Rogers and Fido will “unlock” your phone for $50


It seems like the mobile phone providers have finally decided that they can’t top progress, and have begun to offer a "strings attached" unlock service for their customers mobile devices. Telus got the ball rolling when it announced that it would be offering the service starting next year, and Rogers and Fido followed suit soon after with their “Handset Unlocking Policy.”

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