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Daily Deals: Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S III mini (I8190) Smartphone


Maybe you're the kind of person that really likes the aesthetic of the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Galaxy S4, but you're not exactly a fan of the much larger screen size. You'd rather have something smaller without sacrificing the look and, if that's the case, then the Samsung Galaxy S III mini could be literally a good fit.

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Get the Samsung Chat GT-C3500 for $59.99 Outright

Samsung Ch@t 350

No, it's not exactly the fanciest thing in the world, but it could be perfect for those texting teenagers who don't really need to have a real data plan.

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Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S2 International Price Cut by 44%


Yes, the newest hotness in town is the Samsung Galaxy S III, but you may not be prepared for the $700+ outright price to get your hands on an unlocked one. Go ahead and save yourself over $300 by picking up an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S II instead.

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Apple to Sell Unlocked iPhones in China?


Going through the official channels, you can’t get an iPhone in Canada without going through Fido or Rogers. Similarly, you can’t get an iPhone in the United States without going through AT&T. That’s through the official and 100% legal channels. Well, Apple could be taking a different approach with the iPhone in China. As you may have heard, China Unicom ...

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Nokia Educates Public on Unlocked Phones


Nokia may be the number one cell phone maufacturer in the world, but the Finnish company has yet to get the same kind of prominence in the United States as it has enjoyed in Europe and Asia. This is the land where the iPhone is currently reigning as king, but Nokia wants that to change in their favor. I remember ...

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