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Future Smartphones Could Eventually Use Micro Vacuum Technology


Micro vacuum pumps developed as part of DARPA’s Chip-Scale Vacuum Micro Pumps (CSVMP) program could pave the way for faster processors in smartphones.

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Researchers create ‘subconscious’ mode to boost smartphone battery life


Do you ever wonder why your battery still gets drained even if you set it in an inactive mode? Scientists have found a way to prolong the life of your smartphones or Wi-Fi device battery by way of a “subconscious mode” which they claim can extend battery life by as much as 54 percent.

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Researchers Find Way to Extend Battery Life


Scientists from the University of Michigan said that mobile phones that are in power-saving mode and not actively sending or receiving files or messages still use battery power for searching communication channels and anticipating incoming information. According to the researchers, a new “subconscious mode” for phones and other Wi-Fi enabled mobile units can help extend the life of the battery by 54 per cent.

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Shrinking antennas could mean smaller cellphones


While no one wants a smaller screen, shrinking the phone's antenna could pave the way for even smaller phones and consumer electronics, according to engineering researchers at the University of Michigan.

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