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Abell 1413 Is A Galaxy Cluster 2 Billion Light-Years Away From Us


Take a look at the galaxies that are part of Abell 1413.

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Is Our Universe Really, Really Big or Truly Infinite?


Space is a massive place, in fact it is potentially infinite. But is it really truly infinite, or just extremely big? A new video takes a closer look at our universe, and asks the question whether it is infinite or not.

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Methuselah: The Oldest Star In The Universe


Milky Way galaxy's Methuselah star’s age has been found out by researchers to be 13.7 billion years, which puts an end to a puzzling problem.

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Higgs Boson Scientists Predict End of Universe with New Big Bang?


Now, it seems like the CERN scientists who work with the Large Hadron Collider and discovered the Higgs boson "God" particle are saying that the end of the universe could happen very abruptly, traveling at the speed of light through the universe and wiping us off the face of existence.

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The NUIverse Space App Will Let You Play God (Video)


Picture God taking a peek at the universe, rotating planets with his mighty arms, going from the Earth to Jupiter with a single gesture, and speeding, slowing and reversing time with the movement of an index finger. That will look somewhat like what Microsoft Surface researcher David Brown is doing in the clip below with his superb space app dubbed ...

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