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UK police getting help from RIM to find London rioters


By now, you've surely heard the story about how London police shot and killed Mark Duggan. You're even more likely to have heard about the ensuing riots that are only now starting to simmer down. Well, it looks like BlackBerry-maker Research in Motion is offering to help the UK police track down the people who were involved in the riots, injuring numerous officers and causing thousands of dollars in damage.

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Sound-charging t-shirt will debut at Glastonbury Festival

ORANGE SOUND CHARGE 01_jpg_autothumb_w-574_scale

Music lovers at UK’s Glastonbury Festival will have the chance to test out a t-shirt that can charge a cellphone. Orange announced a prototype called the “Sound Charge” that was produced in conjunction with renewable energy designers GotWind.

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Hey Gramps, Check out the Emporia RL1


While many people consider things like video games, digital cameras, GPS and browsing pages and pages of Google results are a must for a mobile phone, there are others who just want to make a call, as simple and directly as possible. Obviously we're talking about the elderly here, they usually aren’t concerned with being able to go on Facebook, download apps and twitpic self-portraits; although we have seen our share of savvy old timers.

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British Teen Shoves Electronic Drum Kit in Jeans


Paul Rudd might have taught us how to slap the bass, but what if you could go around slapping your jeans to the beat with a full electronic drum set? That's exactly the dream realized by 17-year-old Aseem Mishra.

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White Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Exclusive to O2 UK


The original PSP was only offered in black. Then, they came out with certain special editions and other iterations that outfitted the portable gamer in a variety of colors and designs. The Xperia Play is barely out of the gate, but Sony Ericsson is already breaking out the paint bucket.

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New method extracts fingerprints from fabric


Researchers may soon be able to lift fingerprints from clothes worn by the victims of crimes, according to the University of Abertay Dundee and the Scottish Police Services Authority.

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British watchdog agency wants to ban cell phones for kids


Powerwatch, an independent watchdog agency in the U.K., wants to impose an age limit on cell phone use, saying children are up to five times as likely do develop brain tumors from using mobiles.

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Personal data harvested by Google Street View to be deleted

No, we're not even talking about the blurring of faces and license plates. Google already does that. There is a bigger issue at hand here for privacy campaigners, because the Google Street View cars were collecting personal data from unsecured Wi-Fi networks as they made their way around the highways and bi-ways.

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PSA: Don’t rely on phone alarms around DST changes


Many people have long since ditched standalone products that their cell phones have replaced. You might not have an iPod anymore, because you have an iPhone, for example. However, you won't want to rely on that iPhone to wake you up in the morning.

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Expansys gets exclusive on Acer Stream Android phone


The latest manufacturer to join forces with Google's Android OS is Acer and their newest smartphone, the Stream. Unlike so many of its counterparts, its exclusivity isn't with a specific carrier; it's with a store. I thought this was a bit of an odd move, but it seems that online store Expansys UK will be the only place you can buy the Acer Stream Android phone when it launches on August 9th.

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Samsung offering free Galaxy S for iPhone 4 haters


This takes some real guts, and it's one of the more unconventional marketing tactics, but it just might work out in favor of the Korean smartphone maker. It seems that Samsung is reaching out to frustrated iPhone 4 owners on Twitter, offering them a free Galaxy S as a replacement.

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Modu claims to be world’s lightest cell phone, now selling in the UK


No, that's not another generic MP3 player waiting to be hawked on eBay. What you are looking at is the Modu phone, and it is indeed a cell phone that claims to be the world's lightest yet.It doesn't really have access to a vast app store, and it probably isn't your best bet for checking email on the go, but this is about as compact as it gets in the world of mobile phones.

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Vodafone UK picks up Google Nexus One superphone


The Google Nexus One has been available for some time in its unlocked form directly from Google, but it would be nice to get your hands on a healthy subsidy on the hardware price. Yes, T-Mobile USA customers have that, but what about our friends over in Europe? Vodafone wants to fix that.That's why Vodafone UK has just announced that it will be launching the Nexus One at the end of this month. They're not even calling it a superphone and not a smartphone. I wouldn't go quite as far as that, myself, but the Nexus One is certainly an attractive piece of hardware.

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Sony Ericsson Adopts Dream-Inspired Slogan?


I’ve never heard about this tagline from Sony UK, but I guess that’s because it never really made its way over to North America. The “make. believe” slogan is apparently being expanded beyond just the Sony brand in the UK and into the realm of the Sony Ericsson mobile division. Because, you know, this is the stuff that dreams are ...

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