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LG’s 18-inch Flexible And Transparent OLED Displays (Video)


Videos showing LG's new flexible and transparent OLED displays.

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ABC’s Star Wars Live-Action TV Show in the Works


ABC has started talks with Lucasfilm regarding a Star Wars live-action TV series.

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Sony FMP-X1 4K Media Player Coming This Summer


Sony has announced that their 4K FMP-X1 media player will be available sometime this summer, but the owners of the device will have to wait until fall for the company’s 4K video distribution service.

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Intel Preparing For TV Debut

An Intel logo is seen at the company's offices in Petah Tikva, near Tel Aviv

Intel is preparing for the launch of their television set-top box and has begun recruiting experienced people for various departments of their upcoming service.

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LG Unveils Curved TV at CES


LG has just unveiled an OLED TV at CES that is a bit different than what you have seen before. What's so different? The TV has curved OLED screen.

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Will Samsung Release a Transparent TV at CES Next Week?


Samsung is apparently planning on revealing a television at CES 2013 that will take TVs to the next level: see through.

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LG Set to Release Line of Google TVs First Half of 2013, Unveil at CES 2013


LG has announced it will release a brand new line of Google TVs with 3.0 software starting in 2013. These very sleek and slim TVs will come in sizes ranging from 42 inches to 60 inches.

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Unlimited Cloud Recording with Boxee TV DVR


Running out of storage space won't be an issue with the new Boxee TV. It's been proclaimed as the first DVR to offer virtually unlimited storage. They do this by uploading your videos to the cloud, rather than storing those recordings on a local drive.

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Lenovo Android Smart TVs Now Available in China


Decades ago, no one would have thought that the idiot box would evolve into something smarter. We are in the era of the smart TV, and companies like Apple and Samsung are already heavyweights in this segment. The latest machine to enter the market is from Lenovo, who have just launched their Android powered K91 smart TV in China.

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Samsung’s New Touchscreen Remote Understands Your Voice Commands


TVs these days are as smart as many computers out there. And it appears like the remotes accompanying those are also becoming more complex. The size of the remote is already smaller than before and now the devices are becoming much smarter as well. The device that you see above is a new remote from Samsung which comes equipped with a touchpad and a Siri-like voice control system. Yes, no more unnecessary buttons.

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