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GeoSpace Firefly Lights Up, Protects Cyclists from the Elements (Video)


Given that I live in remarkably rainy Vancouver, I have a natural appreciation for a product like the GeoSpace FireFly. Here is a recumbent tricycle that has been outfitted with a weather-resistant dome, protecting the cyclist from rain, sleet and snow.

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Hase Klimax 2x power assisted recumbent bike keeps away rain

recumbent bike

Tge Hase Klimax 2x recumbant bike saves you from the rain with an optional portable rain cover. It's basically a recumbant bike (it's really a trike, since there are three wheels), but it is power-assisted. There is an electric motor there to "assist users climbing hills or over logner stretches." There are pedals too, if you want to make use of your own human power.

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