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A New Test And Treatment For Alzheimer’s disease


Scientists appear to have found a compound that could be used for developing a drug for treating patients with Alzheimer's disease. And the researchers from the McKnight Brain Institute Center for Smell and Taste and the University of Florida have discovered a new test to detect Alzheimer's disease.

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Study Appears To Have Found A New Treatment For Parkinson’s Disease


Scientists appear to have come a step closer in developing an effective new treatment for Parkinson's Disease.

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A New Treatment For Multiple Sclerosis


A group of scientists have now come out with a new treatment for multiple sclerosis. It involves making the immune system of MS patients more tolerant of myelin.

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Sony Team Up with the University of Nottingham to Treat Lazy Eye

sony playstation 3 lazy eye

Researchers at Nottingham University are planning to combat lazy eye in Children with adapted Sony Playstation 3 games and special shutter glasses.

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Cocaine Addiction Treatment With Laser Light (Video)


A new study suggests that cocaine addiction can be switched on and off by the application of laser light to the prefrontal cortex of the brain.

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Cancer Radiation Treatment With No Harmful Side Effects


A team of researchers at the University of Missouri appear to have found out a way to treat cancer using boron neutron capture therapy without any harmful side effects.

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