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Weirdest Hotel Guest Requests

Millennium Doha Amenities and Services Image

Crocodile soup anyone? Check out the ten most weirdest hotel guest requests.

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Virgin Galactic Wants to Fly You From London to Australia in 2.5 Hours


We already know about the space flight ambitions of Virgin Galactic, but the same kind of technology could be parlayed in far faster flights around the world too.

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Commercial Space Travel Coming Next Year (Video)


According to Sir Richard Branson, commercial space travel is going to be a reality in 2014.

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Use Smartphones and Tablets During Plane Takeoff and Landing Soon?


We've got some awesome news for all the frequent flyers in the audience. Soon, when you're sitting on the tarmac and waiting for your plane to leave the ground, you'll still be able to keep playing Angry Birds on your iPad.

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Carzor credit card-sized razor fits in your wallet


Seriously? Are there really going to be random moments over the course of the day where you absolutely must shave your beard? I guess there are some guys out there with wicked four o'clock shadows, but even then, I'm not sure they'd be all that interested in the Carzor.

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E Mobile’s new pocket WiFi/smartphone combo is a traveller’s dream


The $235 "Pocket WiFi" combines a mobile WiFi router with an android smartphone, and with plans starting at about $50 per month, combines and cuts down on a traveller's communication expenses in a huge way.

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Standivarius Aero laptop stand is ultra-leightweight and slim

Standivarius Aero laptop cooling stand

I lead a relatively mobile lifestyle, having ditched my last desktop computer years ago in favor of a laptop-only existence. For those of you in the same boat as me, a suitable stand for your notebook is sometimes essential. Keeping the weight low and the style high is the Standivarius Aero.

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Mandatory Pet chipping coming for European travelers


Traveling to Europe or within with your four legged friend? Well, European laws are about to require that all cats and dogs traveling to Europe, or within its boundaries, will be required to be microchipped. After July 2011, even if you have your animal tattooed and you have the papers to match, your pet will still be required to have a microchip. This will be Europe’s new standard for identifying all pets traveling by air.

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Dedicated iPhone App Released by Air Canada

Canadians on the go are probably pretty familiar with what Air Canada has to offer, but we oftentimes can’t be bothered to look up the information on a real computer or print out a paper boarding pass. Addressing these concerns, Air Canada has now released a dedicated iPhone app for passengers and they’re working on a dedicated app for the ...

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